Hoxton Mix is a virtual office solution and co-work space that is based out of Central London in Shoreditch.

Starting Out

Co-working spaces have been a great way for creative minds to come together, work in a friendly atmosphere and foster great ideas.

The Hoxton Mix began as one such creative hub in Shoreditch, the artsy town of East London, in 2007. Soon, it evolved into a suite of different solutions, that would help businesses anywhere to have a presence in London, without actually being in London.

Their Virtual Office solution provides startups with an address, a mail-forwarding service complete with a virtual receptionist.

"Enabling companies to build better businesses has always been the focus of The Hoxton Mix" says Chris Sees", co-founder of The Hoxton Mix." The Hoxton Mix gives companies not just a place to work from, but an infrastructure to help businesses to grow."

The Challenge

Most of The Hoxton Mix's directors are engineers, who were accustomed to building essential business services and infrastructure that they required.

To manage their subscriptions for the Co-work & Virtual Office solution, they started off with a simple solution that they built on top of their payment gateway.

However, with the tech boom and more startups popping up in Central London, they discovered that The Hoxton Mix grew more popular, which was a good area to be located.

But with great scale came great responsibilities.

In their case, the challenge was managing their subscriptions and all the edge cases (like taxes, invoicing etc.) around it.

When there were small fixes like a subscription upgrade, downgrade or refunds, we had to always involve engineers. This was a problem which obviously incurred a cost. And that's when we realised the need for a solution like Chargebee which would give the Support & the Sales teams the flexibility to handle things without involving much of development time.

Chris Sees

Director, Hoxton Mix


After switching to Chargebee, The Hoxton Mix migrated all their active subscriptions, effortlessly in a matter of days. "Everything worked like it should" notes Chris.

Had Chargebee been around when we started and someone told me that using this would save you loads of time and money, we would've just gone with it. We learnt it the hard way by pouring time and resources into building something that wasn't related to our business.

Chris Sees

Director, Hoxton Mix

Apart from saving time & money, switching to Chargebee also helped The Hoxton Mix unlock a greater momentum in launching new products and instantly opened up subscriptions for new customers, with minimal engineering intervention.

Chargebee has become part of our product blueprint now. Whenever we launch a new product, we are assured that Chargebee will handle the billing side of things. That's one less worry!

Chris Sees

Director, Hoxton Mix

The Modus Operandi: How they use Chargebee

Here's how the different teams in Hoxton Mix use Chargebee:

The Support team
- Handle customer service questions related to subscription upgrades, downgrades, charges.
- Issue refunds for invoices.
The Finance team
- Sync their invoices to Xero.
- Reconcile payments from Stripe.
Sales & Marketing
- They find tailoring coupons and creating unique codes on fly immensely useful.
- The Sales team takes care of onboarding customers and setting up subscriptions & payment pages directly for certain high ticket customers if needed.
- Chargebee's dashboard and the advanced metrics that the Chargebee team sends them gives them a snapshot of their business. - A single source of truth: "Having all the subscriptions in one place is just a real time saver. I'd hate to go back to looking at lots of different dashboards", says Chris.
The Hoxtonmix Team

Since moving to Chargebee Hoxton Mix has released five Virtual Office products, and will soon be launching their sixth Virtual Office product for company formation.

Smart teams like Hoxton Mix use Chargebee to manage their subscriptions, and focus on building their businesses. Sign up for Chargebee to learn how we can accelerate your growth.

Check out The Hoxton Mix if you'd like to have a presence in London!

products launched
years with Chargebee
man hours saved!

Their homegrown billing system was too cumbersome to maintain. Every small request like refunds, trial extension needed engineering time which was affecting development cycles of the product.


Switching to Chargebee presented a simple way for the entire team to facilitate scalable subscription management. Support and Sales teams were able to handle billing related tasks thus reducing the dependency on the development team.

Time Saved:

Hoxton Mix used to spend 80 man hours/month on subscription related use cases before using Chargebee

Faster Development Cycles:

With billing taken care of, they now have the ability to iterate on development ideas much faster.

More products:

Hoxton Mix has totally launched 6 virtual office products launched since they started using Chargebee