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How Let’s Talk Interactive Unleashed Scale with an Accelerated Quote-to-Cash Cycle

By connecting HubSpot with Chargebee, LTI streamlined its Sales and Finance workflows and saved months of FTE Work Hours.

Before Chargebee

Longer quote-to-cash cycles owing to manual billing processes

Invoicing activity required three people to handle it

Manual entries left room for human error

After Chargebee

Streamlined and simplified the Sales process

The entire billing cycle can now be close-looped by a salesperson without dependencies on Finance or Accounting teams

Eliminated invoicing errors through automation

See how Chargebee is a trusted partner in 6500+ growth stories

Let's Talk Interactive (LTI) offers cutting-edge telehealth solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve access to quality medical services. Through customized, reliable, and user-friendly telemedicine and video-conferencing solutions, LTI's infrastructure helps healthcare providers and other institutions support anyone in need from anywhere.

After establishing its foothold in the US, the LTI team wanted to go global and serve new markets, especially Latin America, Africa, and Italy. With their partnership with AWS Marketplace, they had the capability through the public sector marketplace to sell in about 200+ countries. While geographical expansion was on the cards, they also had plans to move upmarket by tapping into the lucrative enterprise sector.

The Problem

One of the areas that consumed a lot of time and manual effort for the LTI team was their quote-to-cash process. For each new deal, a salesperson would first pass on all the information to the Operations team. They would compile the account and manually enter all the critical details about the deal into a quote to get everything moving forward. Then the Tech team would set up the recurring charges for the new account. The complicated process required multiple days just to train new salespeople. Despite all the meticulousness, the risk of human error creeping into critical invoices always remained.

LTI needed all hands on deck to realize its global and upmarket aspirations. They wanted to bring structure to the entire Quote-to-Cash process so that every member could focus and contribute more towards their strategic growth ambitions and not spend too much time on tasks that can be automated.

The Solution: HubSpot + Chargebee

As a first step, they upgraded their CRM solution to HubSpot as it was user-friendly, customizable, and offered contextual integrations with other systems. Next, they realized that Chargebee (their billing solution) was known to work smoothly with HubSpot. They decided to give the integration a try. With the help of the Chargebee team, LTI connected their Chargebee and HubSpot accounts, bringing their sales and finance systems much closer than before.

Chargebee's Quote-to-Cash integration with HubSpot today streamlines the entire Sales to Finance handoff for LTI. Here's what the workflow looks like after the integration:

  1. The salesperson creates and sends a customized quote to the client using HubSpot.

  2. The Chargebee - HubSpot integration auto-sends the payment link to the client.

  3. Once the client signs the quote and completes payment via the payment link, Chargebee automatically creates the account and subscription record in the back-end systems.

The data flow between LTI's CRM (HubSpot) and Billing Solution (Chargebee) is now smooth and seamless, saving them hours of manual work and the risk of errors.

"My interactions and relationship with Chargebee have been phenomenal. Anytime we have a question or a support issue, we receive timely assistance and expertise from the Chargebee team," said Daniel Boyce, Chief Product Offer at LTI.

The Impact

The major impact of the Chargebee - HubSpot integration for the LTI team is that it eliminates data silos while helping them stay agile. It allows for the contextual transfer of information across the systems that enable their different cross-functional teams.

  • For the Sales Team, deals are getting closed faster, allowing them to advance more aggressively with their targets without getting lost in unnecessary paperwork. Additionally, the simplified new sales process has become a breeze for onboarding and training a new salesperson. A new salesperson can learn the new quote to cash process in about an hour compared to three days earlier!

  • For the Finance Team, the quotes automatically align with the billing processes, saving them from manual work.

  • For the Operations Team, the integration has brought down the amount of daily firefighting and helps them focus on longer-term solution-building.

  • The Product Team helps keep the product listings and offerings consistent across multiple systems. Since their product information is synced from Chargebee to HubSpot automatically, it helps them keep their product catalog consistent across the systems and avoid duplicate records.

LTI is forecasting a jump in its headcount by almost three times by the end of next year. The Chargebee - HubSpot integration saves up to three-quarters of a full-time employee's time. With the upgraded Q2C process, their existing and future employees can focus more on strategic growth activities and not worry about manual billing processes.

Tech Stack


Stripe, Chargebee, QuickBooks

Sales & Marketing

HubSpot, Hootsuite

The integration between Chargebee and HubSpot is allowing us to spend less time worrying and moving data between systems and more time focused on serving our partners.
Daniel BoyceCPO, Let’s Talk Interactive