LiveSession is a SaaS analytics tool that tracks user behavior on websites to improve your product user experience.

How LiveSession grew 7x over 6 months, using Chargebee's Freemium offering

LiveSession uses Chargebee’s Freemium Plan in conjunction with Braintree to scale its subscription business

Before Chargebee

SaaS Billing that lacked the depth of capabilities:

In their search for recurring billing solutions, LiveSession found most of them lacking important integrations, the inability to migrate to another platform in case of issues, and automated tax calculations on a global scale.

After Chargebee

7x growth in 6 months:

With the Launch plan offering where they could use Chargebee for free up to $50K in aggregate revenue, LiveSession benefitted from overall deeper capabilities, custom pricing, tax automation, and strong third-party integrations, with which they grew 7x over 6 months.

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The Problem

LiveSession was designed to be a subscription business from the get-go. With prior experience in having dealt with subscription management tools such as Recurly, Kamil Drazkiewicz, the Founder of LiveSession, found the limitations of many solutions available on the market. Some of the limitations included the lack of important integrations, the inability to migrate to another platform should the need arise, and tax automation With this in mind, he took some time to research and test different apps.

Their main requirements included:

  • Braintree integration: With Braintree as their payment gateway, this was a critical requirement for their integration.

  • Easy tax calculation: The company caters to clients from different countries around the world, including the USA, Poland, India, and the UK. Tax regulations vary significantly depending on the region, which is why LiveSession was looking for a solution that automated geo-specific tax calculation.

  • Integration with analytics software: LiveSession is a data-driven startup that delivers a data-driven product. Hence, an integration with ChartMogul was necessary to track their subscription analytics.

The Solution

The team at LiveSession believes that it pays off to take the time to choose the best subscription management tool available. Chargebee was their top pick, as it met their requirements mentioned above, as well as:

  • The use of the Go language API library: This was a huge technical advantage, as LiveSession is using Go on a daily basis.

  • Extensive documentation: Legal requirements are intricate by nature, which is why integrating with subscription management tools is rather complex. Chargebee’s detailed documentation really helped LiveSession’s founder go through the integration process within a month.

  • Customer support: LiveSession was impressed with Chargebee’s customer support, especially with their speed of responses to standard as well as non-standard queries.

The Payoff

After working closely with Chargebee, LiveSession witnessed 7x growth in 6 months with the Freemium Offering. They were particularly happy with:

  • The ability to add customized enterprise plans manually

  • Smooth automation and robust API

  • Automated tax compliance

  • Third-party software integrations, such as Slack, ChartMogul, and Profitwell. These solutions make it easier to measure growth and company KPIs without additional hassle.

  • The app itself, as they found it really comprehensive yet easy to understand

For us, as a new business, choosing the right billing and invoicing system was crucial. I thoroughly researched the tools available on the market. After conducting the test, we decided that Chargebee is the best one. We believe it will continue to meet our needs as LiveSession keeps growing.

Kamil Drazkiewicz, CEO & Founder, LiveSession

Tech Stack


Braintree, Chargebee

Sales & Marketing

HubSpot, GetResponse, Autopilot


Slack, Google Suite, Trello


ChartMogul, Google Analytics, LiveSession



Once you start using one solution, switching to another one is really hard, overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating — both for customers and our business. Sometimes it means that every client would need to enter their payment details once again. We’re lucky to have found Chargebee at the very beginning of our LiveSession journey.
Kamil DrazkiewiczCEO & Founder, LiveSession