How Chargebee Cut Down Livestorm’s Support Volume by Half

Livestorm also managed to scale its payment infrastructure by adding additional payment methods and a gateway through Chargebee.

Pain Pangs at Scale

The in-house system on top of Stripe was becoming complex to handle with scale.

Managing discounts and refunds was tricky, which led to a massive productivity loss for the customer support team

After Chargebee

50% reduction in customer tickets as managing discounts and coupons was on auto-pilot with Chargebee.

Chargebee helped improve lead-to-customer conversions, with experiments using coupons, upsell emails, etc.

Chargebee’s ability to configure multiple payment gateways and payment methods increases avenues for assured paying customer growth

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The Problem

The folks at Livestorm stuck to using their in-house billing and invoicing system along with Stripe. 6 months down, they saw their volumes soar.

But it just wasn’t reliable enough to manage billing for all their customers as they scaled.

“Before Chargebee we didn’t use billing software and were doing it all from Stripe and in-house invoice generation and data send via webhooks. But it has its limits as a payment management system, especially when it comes to managing individual users, and getting specific with actions to take," said Robin Lambert, Co-founder & CPO of Livestorm.

They realized the need for a system that can help with

  • Accurate handling of EU-VAT calculation

  • Proration for complex pricing models

  • Handling credit notes for refunds and cancellations

They realized they had to build a lot of these features on Stripe, and it was clear that it wasn't the best use of their time.

The Solution

Livestorm’s encounter with Chargebee happened soon after they realized the need for a third-party service to manage their billing, as issues like customer queries on delinquent payments, and handling upgrades and downgrades took away time and attention from building their core product. After comparing the feature sets and services of Chargebee against Recurly, Chargify, and Octobat, Livestorm decided Chargebee offered all that they needed and much more.

Chargebee was a one-stop solution for all their payments and subscription billing needs. But as a spill-over of this change, Livestorm was able to boost the productivity of their support team, they had lesser and lesser billing queries to work on and were able to focus on product support.

The Impact

Livestorm was able to reduce the number of support tickets by 50%. More specifically, Chargebee helped Livestorm with the following:

  • Handling discounts and coupons became a lot simpler, which would have otherwise been complex with just Stripe

  • Complexities that come along with handling EU-VAT rules are also addressed with Chargebee

  • Diversified payment methods by adding more payment gateways and methods brought in additional channels of revenue

“We have customers who can’t pay us by entering a credit card with automated payments and Chargebee can handle such payments and account for them thanks to their integration with GoCardless apart from Stripe. It aggregates all our payment gateways, ensuring we don’t miss any revenue," Robin added.

"We needed a reliable solution to deal with refunds, coupons, finding delinquent payments and users, etc. Being based out of the European Union, we also needed a reliable solution to deal with VAT rules. Chargebee checked all these boxes and delivered more!"

Robin Lambert, Co-founder & CPO, Livestorm

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Using Chargebee is one less area we have to worry about as we scale. If we add new payment features, onboard new employees, or add plans, we know Chargebee will adapt and let us evolve and that’s really comforting to know.
Robin LambertCo-founder & CPO, Livestorm
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