Suggestion OX is one of the fastest-growing employee feedback platforms that help companies take action on the hidden problems and transformational ideas by employees that often go unspoken.

How Chargebee helped SuggestionOX improve their customers' billing experience

By implementing multiple gateway features and customized invoices, Chargebee could provide the flexibility Suggestion OX was looking for. Solid documentation support by team Chargebee made Suggestion OX's onboarding as seamless as possible.

What Suggestion OX looked for:

Customised subscription billing for each client

Easy to implement upgrades and downgrades for subscription billing

After Chargebee:

Seamless billing experience customised as per client's needs

Streamlined workflow with an easy Slack integration

Saved efforts of the engineering team on billing activities

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Founded in 2011, Suggestion OX is one of the fastest-growing employee feedback platforms that help companies take action on the hidden problems and transformational ideas by employees that often go unspoken. With a growing customer base, Suggestion Ox needed a billing solution meant to handle scale- one that could help them monitor recurring revenue while allowing their customers to have active control over their subscriptions.

The company initially mulled building its own homegrown billing solution but quickly rolled the plan back after realizing the engineering strain and how far it took them away from building on their core competency. Instead, they decided to reinvest time in finding the right partner for their subscription billing who could both understand their distinct use cases and grow alongside their business.

Making upgrades, downgrades, and prorating changes as simple as ABC...

Chargebee facilitates the flexibility that Suggestion Ox was looking for by implementing multiple gateway features that allow their customers to make online as well as offline payments and provide customized invoices. Upgrades, downgrades, prorating, and adjustments with Chargebee are as easy as A, B, and C. Suggestion Ox integrated Chargebee with Slack to stay on top of all subscription alerts and notify any new subscriptions, cancellations, and payment notifications, including success and failure messages.  

Chargebee’s evolving and adaptive model caters to the changing regulations around payments and security so that Suggestion Ox can focus on the development of its core competency. 

Providing a billing system that evolves as you grow

Delivering flexible subscriptions isn’t easy! 

Jerry Gregoire( CIO, Dell Computers) once said " The customer experience is the next competitive battleground." We agree that the past two years have surely made everyone reimagine the way businesses must run. So is the case when it comes to billing and subscription, which starts with giving your customers the ability to choose bespoke bundles, tailored to what they actually want.

Gartner predicts that while 75% of organizations will offer subscription services by 2023, only 20% will succeed in increasing customer retention. Subscription models give you a golden opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. But to meet the expectations of your increasing customer base, your subscriptions need to be flexible. Chargebee provides a smart SaaS billing solution for your startup that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems providing a seamless experience. It gives you the ability to say ‘YES’ to any subscription needs of your customer, while you focus on scaling your product. 


Walnut, CA

Chargebee’s onboarding process was extremely smooth. The documentation was solid and their support team has been super quick in responding. Our team can easily manage everything to do with customer billing. It would have taken us months or years to create all the options that Chargebee supports out of the box. 100% of our revenue growth has been on Chargebee. It's key to our success.
Andrew BerkowitzFounder and CEO, Suggestion Ox