Vinyl Me,Please (VMP) is a subscription club that sends out vinyl records every month.

They're on a mission to help people explore, experience, and enjoy music on a deeper level. Apart from ensuring they carefully curate their music records, VMP also sends a cocktail recipe that plays well with the music of the month.

Tyler and Matt started off 'Vinyl Me, Please' as a side project in their living room with just 10 subscribers in the first month. They now have a 10000+ subscriber base of vinyl enthusiasts, who wait for VMP's exclusive, limited-edition record each month.

The Beginning

When VMP started out, the demand grew steadily by word-of-mouth. VMP went cash flow positive right from the first month of launch and continued to grow their subscriber base each month.

To manage their subscriptions, VMP had launched off with Stripe and a simple billing system. It worked really well in their early days, definitely better than spreadsheets and emails.

But as they scaled to hundred odd customers complexity started creeping in. They knew one thing when they saw traction - that they needed to quickly get their systems ready for scale.

Enter Chargebee.

The Switch

The next big step was to migrate their existing subscriptions to Chargebee. Since VMP was a physical business, they relied on their subscriber data to ship out records each month. This meant the migration process shouldn't affect the existing vinyl lovers, nor deter any new subscribers from signing up.

With Chargebee's migration team painstakingly ensuring the imports were error-free, the migration process was successful without any disruption to the billing process for existing or new subscribers.

Personalizing the e-commerce engine

Apart from setting up the ecommerce store, VMP also wanted to offer certain products only to members. And with VMP built on WordPress, WooCommerce was the obvious choice.

Chargebee helped VMP set up a login system, leveraging the APIs and allowing only their subscribers to access the store and avail other membership related benefits. Now, VMP offers a lot more to their subscribers, with Chargebee powering their paywall kind of system.

"Chargebee has been great to work with. They've helped us grow our business tremendously. They're always quick to respond and open to feedback. That's rare in my experience."

Matt Fiedler

CEO, Vinyl Me, Please

Features they love

Reporting and Analytics
Great reporting and analytics are essential to understand the big picture and make effective business decisions. No one gets to witness all the action like a software that handles payment from your customers. VMP found this detailed reporting and analytics refreshingly useful to stay on track with their business's health.
Exports for Shipping
Chargebee's exports came in handy to VMP as they quickly and easily setup shipping lists that could be imported to their fulfillment partner and automate their shipping.
Customer Portal
VMP, like any good lean business, doesn't like to employ people where technology can do the job. Managing 'customer preferences' is one such area. VMP's customers are each given a login and a portal where they can update their preferences real time, all by themselves. That's plenty of man hours saved for VMP and very convenient for their customers.

The Team!

Smart teams like Vinyl Me,Please use Chargebee to handle their billing needs. Sign up for a free trial with Chargebee and explore what it can do for your business.

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