Zenchef is a France-based SaaS that enables over 4000 restaurants in France, Spain, the UK, and all over the world, to build and manage their online presence.

How Chargebee Untangled Zenchef from Spaghetti Billing and Set Them up for Flexibility at Scale.

Zenchef moved out of Zuora and migrated their subscriptions to Chargebee for faster scale.
Tech Stack
Finance Stripe, GoCardless, Chargebee
Sales & Marketing Salesforce, HubSpot
Operations Zapier, Slack
Analytics RevenueStory
Success Intercom
We were able to recover 60% of formerly unpaid accounts thanks to our switch from Zuora to Chargebee.
— Julien Balmont, Co-Founder & CTO, Zenchef
The Zuora Snag
50% of their engineering resources were spent in building internal tools
Maintaining Zuora required huge upfront investments in terms of money and time
After Chargebee
8797 Subscriptions were seamlessly migrated from Zuora after opting for Chargebee
60% of unpaid accounts were recovered using smart dunning capability
Going Global is now easy with multi- language, multi-currency, and global tax support
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The Problem
With 50% of their engineering resources were being used to build and maintain their in-house billing solution, Zenchef decided to switch to Zuora for their billing needs.
Zuora needed substantial development time needed to make it fully functional.
Some of the reasons that prompted them to migrate out of Zuora are listed below:
  • API was "way too complex"
  • Setup team wasn't familiar with the French accounting rules
  • Interface was too hard to comprehend
  • Standard subscription actions took way too long to execute
  • Support was unresponsive
The Solution
Chargebee helped Zenchef seamlessly migrate about 5015 customer accounts, 8881 contacts, and 8797 active subscriptions from Zuora.
Zenchef picked Chargebee for its
  • Flexible and easy-to-use interface
  • Intuitive API oriented for developers
  • Compatibility with French accounting solutions
  • Pricing and the monthly subscription model
  • Super responsive support
According to Julien Balmont, Co-Founder & CTO, Zenchef, “Everyone in the company is able to understand what an action means in the interface without formation or reading the documentation."
The Impact
With the help of Chargebee, Zenchef:
  • Recaptures 60% of formerly unpaid accounts using the smart dunning system
  • Generate credit notes for specific but diverse credit needs, while strictly adhering to Revenue Recognition and Reporting standards like GAAP and ASC 606
  • Has more control over their health and growth, with accurate and real-time reporting and metrics
  • Creates tailor-made experiences for its global customers, using Chargebee's multi-language (English, French, and Spanish), multi-currency, and global tax support