Custom Domain 

The standard configuration for Chargebee's hosted checkout and portal is to utilize the domain. Nevertheless, you have the option to substitute the default Chargebee domain with your own, enabling you to personalize your checkout and portal pages with your unique domain name. This customization ensures a smooth and unified experience for your customers, offering them payment pages bearing your domain that they can readily identify and have confidence in.

For example, your current checkout page URL reads With the Custom Domain feature enabled, you can have a URL that reads,, or anything else with your company name.

Let us see how you can set up your custom domain name.

Setting up a Custom Domain 

To set up your custom domain name, a series of steps must be followed before its active usage. These steps encompass the following:

  • Obtaining the CNAME specific to your desired domain name from Chargebee
  • Configuring the acquired CNAME within your domain register
  • Confirming the successful update of the CNAME.

Let's explore each of these steps individually.

Get the CNAME from Chargebee 

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Identify the domain name that you wish to use for the hosted capabilities (for example, billing. .com ).
  2. Write to the Chargebee Support team at  with the desired domain name and your Chargebee site name mentioned in the request email.
  3. The support team will get back to you with a CNAME entry that you'll have to configure at your domain register. Chargebee Support will assist you in configuring the same.

Verify the CNAME Update 

Once the CNAME configuration is completed, please note that it may take up to 72 hours for the CNAME record changes to take effect.

To verify if the DNS propagation is complete and the CNAME records have been updated for your domain, you can utilize a third-party DNS Propagation Checker tool.

Once the DNS propagation is confirmed, Chargebee will make changes to route the pages with the domain name you have provided.

Modify your Custom Domain 

Write to  mentioning your old and new domains along with the Chargebee site name in the email to modify your custom domain.


If your current Chargebee site is active, meaning the checkout is live for your customers, it's crucial to plan a designated time slot for transitioning to the new domain for your live site. This ensures that all links to the checkout and portal are properly updated with the new sub-domain.


Address Autocomplete works by default only on the Chargebee domain. If you are moving to a new custom domain where you want to use Address Autocomplete, contact Chargebee Support  by sharing the Google Maps API credentials in a secured document.

Learn more  on how to generate a Google Maps API Key.

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