HubSpot Quote-to-Cash 


Early Access
The HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration is currently in early access. Contact to join the Early Adopter Program.

The Quote-to-Cash integration requires HubSpot's Sales Hub Professional  edition or higher.

What's new in HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration

January 2024

  • Now, you can effortlessly sync discounts from HubSpot line items directly into Chargebee as Manual Discounts . This significant improvement ensures more accurate financial reporting and easier discount management, all configurable through a new setting in the HubSpot Q2C within Chargebee.

August 2023

  • We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our HubSpot Q2C integration that addresses a crucial concern highlighted by our users. With this update, we have taken steps to ensure that deal records' Close Dates will no longer be updated after they have been closed. This change aims to eliminate unintended consequences related to commission implications, revenue recognition, and data cleanliness, providing you with a smoother experience and more accurate reporting.

June 2023

  • With this release, we have added a loader animation that will appear when settings are getting updated.
  • In this release, we have enhanced the error messaging during Chargebee to Hubspot sync. Instead of receiving a generic error message, customers will now see specific error messages from the API response, allowing them to identify and resolve the issues independently. The error stack will be logged in the database and Splunk, enabling the support team to provide detailed information for troubleshooting. This update aims to reduce customer support interactions and streamline the sync process.

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The HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration with Chargebee empowers your B2B sales teams by providing the workflows and the automation necessary to effortlessly create customers, collect payment methods, and create subscriptions from a HubSpot deal. Additionally, they can view relevant subscription information through its lifecycle from within HubSpot. All this is achieved without having to leave HubSpot.

Selecting the right integration 

Chargebee already supports an integration with HubSpot that is available in HubSpot's Marketplace 

We recommend using or migrating to this newer integration when:

  • You have a B2B focus and it is more beneficial to map HubSpot Company records to Customer records in Chargebee.
  • You want to take full advantage of Chargebee's Product Catalog 2.0. This integration requires your Chargebee site to be on Product Catalog 2.0.
  • Sales team-centered workflows and automation such as creating subscriptions and checkout links directly from within HubSpot are crucial to you.

We recommend that you use (or continue using) the existing integration under the following circumstances:

  • You are using Chargebee's older Product Catalog 1.0 and may not be able to migrate to 2.0 for some more time.
  • Your primary requirement is to synchronize customers and subscriptions that are directly created in Chargebee into HubSpot for filtering and reporting purposes. Presently, this integration does not support this workflow.
  • It works better for your business to synchronize Chargebee customer records to HubSpot contacts, rather than companies.

Connecting multiple sites
Connecting multiple Chargebee sites to the same HubSpot instance is only supported when all the sites are connected via the same version of the Chargebee-HubSpot integration. Up to five Chargebee sites can be connected to a Hubspot instance.

Object Mapping 

The diagram below shows the relationship between objects in HubSpot and Chargebee when using this integration. The arrows indicate the direction of data flow.


The Company-Customer mapping is primary. Contact, Deal, and Deal Line Item objects are mapped to Customer and Subscription objects in Chargebee based on the Company-Customer relationship.

Getting Started 


All the currencies used for price point configuration in Chargebee must be enabled in HubSpot  before you connect the integration.

Connecting the integration 

  1. In Chargebee, navigate to Apps > Go to Marketplace > Sales & CRM > HubSpot Quote To Cash. If you do not find HubSpot Quote To Cash listed, contact the Chargebee Early Adopter Program ( to enable the option for your site.

  2. Click Connect and sign in to your HubSpot account.

  3. Grant the necessary permissions.

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