Working with Reports 

After a report is created, the following actions can be performed. You can filter, edit, schedule and download the reports.

  • To know more about availability of reports on different plans, visit our plans and pricing  page.

Filtering the report 

You can filter the reports using the fields in the data sources. For a Detailed Report, you can only filter the report using the fields added in the report. For a Summary Report, the filter is available for all the fields in all the data sources that can be linked with the primary data source.

To filter a report, follow these steps.:

  1. Click Filter.
  2. Add the field using which you want to filter the report.
  3. Select the filter criteria.
  4. Click Apply Filter.
  • You cannot filter reports using "OR" condition.

Editing the report 

After you have created the report you can edit it to include or remove fields. For example, you are creating a report to view the Due invoices with the following fields - Amount Due, Due Date, Invoice ID, and Status. After you create the report, you want to add the Email field to the report. This can be done using the Edit option.

To edit a report, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Edit Report.
  2. Select the fields that you want to add or remove.
  3. Click Build Report.

Scheduling the report 

You can select the report and share it to the users added in your Chargebee site. When you schedule a report, the users you have added in the schedule will receive an email of the updated report. You can choose to share the report with the users once, or set up recurring emails, where your users will receive an email of the report regularly based on the configured frequency. Users can unsubscribe to the email by clicking the unsubscribe option.

  • The link to the scheduled report (CSV) will expire in 14 days.

To schedule a report, folllow the below steps:

  1. Click the Schedule option.
  2. Choose Recurring if you want to share the report with your users on a recurring basis. Choose One time, if you want to share the report only once.
  3. Select the Frequency.
  4. Next, select the Users.
  5. Click Schedule.

Downloading the report 

Chargebee allows you to download the report that you have created as a CSV file.

To download the report, click the Download CSV option.

Rearranging the fields 

You can rearrange the fields in your report.

To rearrange the fields, follow the below steps,

  1. Click the ellipsis button (three lines).
  2. Drag and drop the fields in the order that you want.

Sorting a field 

You can sort the fields in the report in an ascending/descending order.

To sort a field, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the arrow next to the field.
  2. Select Sort ascending or Sort descending.
  3. The field is sorted based on your selection.

Hide a field 

When you create a new report, it displays all the fields that. you have selected. If you do not want to display a particular field, you can hide it. This does not remove the field from the report, it just hides it from viewing.

To hide a field, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the ellipsis button (three lines)
  2. Disable the toggle next to the field that you want to hide.
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