Chargebee Salesforce (v1.41+) 


If you want to upgrade your Chargebee site from Product Catalog 1.0 to 2.0, you must upgrade the Salesforce package version to v1.48 or above first and then migrate the Chargebee Salesforce integration. Contact support  for assistance with the installation.

  • Supported Salesforce versions : Salesforce Enterprise Edition and above.
  • Both Salesforce Classic and Lightning user interface are supported.

The Chargebee package for Salesforce  is not updated automatically, you must contact support  to do so. To view if you have the latest version, in Salesforce, select Setup > Installed Packages and then search for the Version Number for Chargebee for Salesforce.

What's new in Salesforce integration

Package Version 1.56

  • Pause Subscriptions
    Use the Pause/Resume Subscription button on a CB Subscription page in Salesforce to pause a subscription. You have the option to pause immediately, at the end of the term, or on a specified date.

  • Resume Subscriptions
    Resume a paused subscription using the Pause/Resume Subscription button on a CB Subscription page in Salesforce. You can opt to resume immediately or on a specific date.

  • Multiple Price Books Support
    For those using multiple price books , you can now create entries for products in your preferred price book. Select the price book on the opportunity to ensure that the correct products can be added.

  • Subscription Cancellation Enhancements
    Updates to subscription cancellations allow you to schedule a Chargebee subscription termination either at the end of its term or on a specified date. Additionally, you can provide a cancellation reason code.

  • Salesforce Flow Updates
    Salesforce Flows have been enhanced to support cancel subscription and change subscription actions.

  • Contact to Account Association
    This new feature enables contacts without accounts to be associated with newly created accounts. This use case arises when a contact is created in Salesforce ahead of a subscription or deal creation. Should that customer return to make a direct purchase through a Chargebee channel, the integration will generate an account in Salesforce. It then locates the contact based on a matching field and links it to the newly created account.

Package Version 1.55

  • Salesforce Flow Support
    We have added support for Manage CB Actions to be used in Salesforce Flows. This allows you to incorporate CB actions into your flows and automate more of your business processes. We are also planning to add more actions in the future. Learn more 

  • Field Mapping Improvement
    We have enhanced our field mapping capabilities to include ID and Formula Fields, which can now be mapped from Salesforce into Chargebee. The formula field value used will be what is populated at the time of the sync, providing more accurate and up-to-date data. Learn more 

  • Deactivated Price Book Entries
    We have improved our handling of deactivated price book entries, which previously presented an error and prevented users from proceeding. With the new update, if a price book entry is deactivated, an error message will be displayed, and you will be able to remove the deactivated product without disrupting your workflow.

  • New UI for Plan, Add on, and Charges
    To make it easier for users to find specific plans, add-ons, or charges, we have implemented the "Add Filter" option in the Plans, Charges, and Add-Ons sections. This allows you to narrow down your search results and quickly locate the information you need. Learn more 

  • Amount Field Improvements
    We have enhanced the Amount field on Salesforce Opportunities to reflect the full term of an add-on if its frequency is different from the associated plan. For example, a 1-year plan with a 1-month add-on will now reflect 1 year + 12 months.

  • Renewal Behavior Updated
    We have updated the renewal behavior of Chargebee integrations with Salesforce so that renewals created through the Chargebee integration will no longer overwrite changes each night.
    Additionally, we have introduced a new field called Renewal Opportunity Behavior, which provides greater control over the renewal behavior. You can leave this field blank if you don't want to make any changes.

  • Sync Billing Contact
    Additional contacts marked within Chargebee as a Billing Contact will now reflect in Salesforce based on your contact sync settings. This makes it easier to manage billing information across both platforms.

  • Subscription Creation
    When creating a subscription, you will now receive a message indicating whether the subscription has been successfully created or not. Additionally, the Chargebee Subscription-related list will now reflect new subscriptions without requiring a page reload.

  • Contract Term Sync
    We have added Contract Term Sync under Chargebee Settings > Sync Rules > Chargebee Settings, which allows you to control the syncing of all contract terms associated with subscriptions in Salesforce.

  • Product Family
    The product family will now be pre-populated if there is only one product family available, making it quicker and easier to assign products to the correct family.

  • Initial Sync
    We have improved the initial sync process so that it no longer pulls in all records at once. Instead, it will only pull in customers, products, and subscriptions, with other records syncing over time through our auto/targeted syncs.

  • Access Control
    We now support Salesforce Public Groups containing Roles, allowing for greater control over access to sensitive data.

  • Custom Reason Codes
    We now support custom cancellation reason codes, allowing for tailoring of the cancellation process to cater your specific needs.

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Chargebee provides a highly customizable integration with Salesforce . By maintaining a one-to-one relationship between Chargebee customer records and Salesforce accounts, the integration keeps both the systems up-to-date. Chargebee subscriptions can be directly created and managed from Salesforce.

Based on the configuration, the integration creates or updates records within the following standard objects in Salesforce:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Opportunity Product
  • Product
  • Price Book
  • Price Book Entry

Additionally, custom objects are also created and updated with Chargebee data.

Key Features 

The below illustration displays the Chargebee integration for Salesforce.

Listed below are the key features of the Chargebee - Salesforce integration.

  • Important Chargebee operations that support a sales-driven workflow can be performed without leaving Salesforce.
  • Customer and subscription data is synced into Salesforce, aiding a direct-purchase model.
  • Flexible integration, configured entirely within Salesforce, with a host of customizations available to suit your business workflow.
  • Multiple Chargebee sites can be connected to a single Salesforce instance.
  • Chargebee's Metered Billing and Multi-decimal Pricing and Quantities are supported.
  • The sync health dashboard provides information about the sync status at a glance.
  • The ‘sync logs' feature provides record-level detail on the last run sync jobs, thereby creating a complete audit trail in Salesforce. The timely availability of this information coupled with root causes for failures, equips you to understand and resolve sync errors yourself.
  • Advanced field-mapping configuration between Salesforce and Chargebee.
  • Specifies record types for account/opportunities.

Sync Overview 

This section gives you an overview of what happens when the data is synced during the integration.

  • Chargebee items  are synced to products.
  • Chargebee item prices  are synced to price book entry records and some custom object records.
  • A price book record is created for each of your connected Chargebee sites.
  • Pricing information for item prices with tiered pricing models is stored in the CB Pricing Tier custom object.
  • Customer records are mapped in a 1-to-1 manner to account records (person accounts are also supported).
  • Leads can be converted if matching accounts are not found.
  • Coupons are synced to a custom object.
  • Chargebee quotes can be created from within Salesforce and emailed to customers.
  • All invoices, credit notes, and quotes are synced to Salesforce as custom objects.
  • Opportunities can be created upon lead conversion.
  • Subscriptions are synced to Salesforce as a custom object.
  • Opportunities can be mapped and maintained against subscriptions.

Object Mapping 

On a high level, the objects in Chargebee are mapped to those in Salesforce as follows:

See also

Object and field mapping between Salesforce and Chargebee.

Setting up the Integration 

The Chargebee for Salesforce integration must be setup to match your business workflows:

  • The first step is to connect to Salesforce from your Chargebee site and to install the Chargebee for Salesforce package. ​​For more information, read the installation guide.
  • The next step is to ensure that the integration behavior is configured to match your Salesforce workflows. The integration guide helps you in this.

Subscription Management 

Once the integration is set up successfully, Chargebee customers and subscriptions can be managed directly from Salesforce user interface. The available options are listed under Chargebee Actions in Salesforce.

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