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Events and Webhooks 


Any change that happens to the system is captured as an event. These include changes relating to customers, subscriptions, plans, addons and coupons.

Events relating to your customers and subscriptions are logged under the events tab in the web interface. Events related to plans, coupons and addons, on the other hand, are logged in their respective pages under the product catalog tab in the web interface.

You can also refer to the API  for more information on the events.


For a better integration between Chargebee and your application, Chargebee provides you with webhooks. When configured, a webhook is used to send out an event notification to your service.

Once you've configured the URL, Chargebee will post the event as a JSON to your webhook URL. For example, if a "subscription_activated" event occurs, then a notification is sent to the specified URL. You can configure webhook alerts to keep track of any events relating to your subscriptions, plans, addons and coupons.

Why should I use webhooks? 

When your application need to know and act upon certain events when they occur in your Chargebee account such as an account being canceled or a payment that failed, you can use webhooks to notify you. Webhook notifications are usually posted real-time, so you will receive notifications as soon the events occur.

Here's a list of event types  that currently generates webhooks.

Handling Webhooks 

Chargebee needs to get a status code 200 reply from the configured URL to confirm that the notification sent via HTTP POST has been successfully delivered. If there is no response from the URL or if it takes more than 20 seconds to respond, Chargebee will cancel and retry. Retries happen at exponential time intervals. Further attempts will not be made after that.


Chargebee supports multiple API versions. Hence, while creating webhooks, you need to specify the API version used for the webhook. Learn more.

Configuring Webhooks 

To know how to configure your webhooks, click here.

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