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Next Billing Date 

Next Billing Date refers to the date on which a subscription will get renewed and the payment will get collected. In Chargebee, billing date is a subscription specific attribute: it will be based on the date of subscription activation and the billing frequency of the plan.


Sign up Date: Oct 1st (Monthly Plan)

   Next Billing Date: Nov 1st

 Sign up Date: Oct 1st (Weekly Plan)
   Next Billing Date: Oct 8th

Sign up Date: Oct 1st 2015 (Yearly Plan)
   Next Billing Date: Oct 1st 2016

When there is a trial period associated with a plan, the subscription will get activated only after the trial ends. In this case, the billing date will be based on the activation date.


Sign up Date: Oct 1st (Monthly Plan with 15 days trial period)

   Activation Date: Oct 16th
   Next Billing Date: Nov 16th

The billing date of a subscription can be altered any time via:

  • Your Chargebee site, by navigating to Subscriptions > Select an active subscription > Change Next Billing Date

You can change the billing date of a subscription to postpone the date of renewal or bring it forward to suit the circumstance. If proration is enabled, then credits or charges are raised for the change. Further, when charges are raised, they may be invoiced immediately or added to unbilled charges.

  • Only when the subscription is in Active state, the billing date of a subscription can be changed.
  • In case of trial and future subscriptions, the billing date would not have been set for the subscription. Hence there will be option to only change the Trial end Date and the Start date of the subscriptions, respectively.
  • For non-renewing subscriptions, the billing date will not be set as the subscription will get canceled. Hence, there will be an option to change the cancellation date of the subscription.
  • Prorated credits or charges are applied to the subscription if the choice is made to do so.

If I change the next billing date, on what basis is the charge/credit per time-unit calculated?

  • If you extend the subscription then the charge is calculated as follows:

    Charge = (Plan price ÷ Number of milliseconds in the plan billing period assuming plan starts from current date) x Number of milliseconds extended.

  • On the other hand, if you reduce the length of the subscription, credits are raised as follows:

    Credits = (Plan price ÷ Total number of milliseconds in the current term of the subscription) x Number of milliseconds reduced.

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