Chargebee Entitlements

There’s a Faster Route to Finding Product-Market Fit

With Chargebee Entitlements’ low-code feature management, you can build monetization models that scale with your business.

Introducing Chargebee Entitlements

Extensive Feature Mapping

Map features to plans, unbundle, and bundle features without riddling your codebase with spaghetti.
Serve New Markets

Seamless Access Management

Provision, revoke, and manage feature access on a plan or subscription level.
Crack New Segments

Effortless Software Monetization

Execute plan and pricing changes at the flip of a switch and iterate on pricing without any developer dependency.
Rethink Revenue Models

Centralized Entitlements Information

Maintain a system of records for all features, and centralize feature flags and entitlement information under one roof.
Pepijn van de Vondervoort
CPO, Virtual Vaults
As a CPO, I absolutely love Chargebee Entitlements as it gives us the agility to experiment with new pricing strategies. By enabling us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands, it helps us stay ahead of our competitors and also opens up a lot of market opportunities.

Automate Feature Provisioning

Chargebee Entitlements helps you launch your product and find product-market fit faster by keeping your pricing and plans iterable. So you can test, change, and effectively monetize your software while keeping your codebase lean.


Monetize your SaaS Efficiently

It takes multiple attempts to arrive at a pricing fit. It takes even longer to arrive at the right feature-plan mapping and packaging. When it feels like you finally have the sweet spot, your pricing needs tweaks and changes owing to scaling. Chargebee Entitlements helps you automate feature provisioning while you run and stop pricing experiments to make educated decisions.
Roll out new pricing experiments with Chargebee


Set and Enforce Feature Limits with Minimal Code

Traditional licensing models aren’t a sign of a modern fast-growing business. Even when you have a cloud-based licensing model, maintaining it and making changes to it with minimal code can get challenging. Chargebee Entitlements helps you set and enforce feature limits on multiple levels - right from plans to an individual subscription. With support for all SaaS Pricing models and integrated with your subscriptions engine, Chargebee Entitlements helps you set quantity-based limits for your features.
SaaS Pricing Models Supported by Chargebee


Centralize Feature Flags and Automate Provisioning

How many hoops do you have to jump through to get a feature enabled for one customer? With Chargebee Entitlements you can streamline your provisioning workflows and centralize feature and entitlements data. Set up the business to grow seamlessly by removing developer dependencies. You can also maintain a system of record for all features, categorize features with different lifecycle stages (draft, activate, and archive), and even sunset a feature by deleting it.


Effortlessly Execute your Customer Expansion Strategies

No PDF can come close to explaining why a customer should upgrade than actually giving the experience of the premium features first-hand. Give your customers a whiff of what lies above their plan by letting them try premium features for a limited time. You can override entitlements for a specific subscription and enable or revoke access to features without breaking your codebase or eating into your developer hours.