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Chargebee’s Subscription Infrastructure Fuels Recurring Revenue

Chargebee +

Chargebee’s partnership with BigCommerce brings leading subscription management capabilities to B2C and B2B merchants selling through BigCommerce.

This pre-built integration enables BigCommerce merchants to easily launch and grow new subscription revenue lines. With a broad set of payment gateways, deep subscription management and recurring billing functionality, plus subscription metrics and reporting, merchants can now maximize the value of their subscriptions.

What will this integration solve?

  • Automate subscription order generation and syncing to BigCommerce for fulfillment

  • Easily launch new subscription lines to capture reliable recurring revenue

  • Get the subscription metrics and insights needed to optimize subscription business lines

  • Build strong customer relationships by refunding and resending orders based on accurate info within Chargebee

How to get started?

Follow the steps here to get started with the integration.

Easy and Flexible Integration

  • Easily install Chargebee with a single click in the BigCommerce App store, and select which customers and orders to sync

  • Use Chargebee’s subscription checkout on your BigCommerce storefront to enable subscription checkout and account creation

  • Allow end customers to manage their subscriptions with Chargebee’s self-serve subscription portal

  • Access the full suite of Chargebee features including dunning, payment gateway options, abandoned cart reports, gift subscriptions, and more

Accurate Customer and Order Information

  • Subscription customers are created in Chargebee so BigCommerce customer accounts and order histories are accurate and up-to-date

  • Recurring orders generated by Chargebee are synced to BigCommerce for fulfillment

  • As orders get fulfilled, they are updated in BigCommerce and synced back to Chargebee, so that all information (including shipping) is correct, and customer service can refund or resend orders to maintain strong relationships.