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Boost Your Customer Support Team's Productivity with Chargebee & Freshdesk

Chargebee +

Ask your customer support heroes to list down their productivity killers, and we bet that this one will definitely make it to the list - leaping from one tab to the next, in order to gather the necessary information to address a customer's query.

And we've come up with just the right solution.

With the Chargebee Freshplug installed, you'll have all the subscription details of the particular customer neatly displayed right next to the corresponding support ticket on the Freshdesk app.

No more tab juggling. Focus on your customer with no distractions whatsoever.

How to get started?

Follow the steps here to get started with the integration.


The Chargebee - Freshdesk integration is available only Chargebee's Scale plan and above.

Here's a quick look at what the integration lets you do:

All the deets, neatly packed and presented

View all the basic details of the corresponding customer in the Chargebee widget - including Addons, MRR, and CMRR (for upselling); Payment Due invoices and amount; specified Payment Method, etc.

You can also use the "Request Payment Method" option to send an email to the customer with a link to update/add one.

Multiple subscriptions, zero clutter

If a customer has multiple subscriptions, you can view the MRR and CMRR of all their subscriptions side by side.

Want to view more details about the subscriptions? Click the "For more, visit Chargebee" to jump to the respective Customer details page directly.

Works just as well for new email addresses

It's not fair on our part to expect the customer to always raise a support ticket with the same email address, with which they had created the subscription.

And that's why Chargebee also uses a domain-based search to fetch and display all the subscriptions that belong to the particular domain.