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Pipedrive is a cloud based sales management tool that helps growing sales teams manage, track and control their sales process

Pipedrive makes sales easy. Chargebee powers up subscription sales

Chargebee +

Chargebee’s integration with Pipedrive ensures that you can enrich contacts in the CRM with critical subscription data including subscription, invoice, customer and company details.

This one-way push ensures that small and medium sized teams have all this relevant information at their finger tips when it comes to closing or upgrading and renewing an existing customer.

Sales teams can now be kept up to date on the status of a customer when they sign up for trial, make changes to subscriptions and add-ons or even pay an invoice. By automating a range of workflows, sales teams can now have the most updated, contextual and relevant subscriber info immediately available, without ever having to jump out of Pipedrive.

Simplify subscription sales workflow

  • Eliminate the need for sales teams to ‘check in’ with the billing team

  • Sync customer and subscription details from Chargebee to Pipedrive for effective follow ups

  • Automate deal creation and stage updates when subscription changes are made within Chargebee

Accurate Data Sync

Save time on syncing subscription and subscriber data into Pipedrive:

  • Customer records

  • Subscriptions

  • MRR Data

  • Invoice Data

Build Automation Rules

Build automation rules to choose how data syncs into Pipedrive and capture changes that come from Chargebee as a note in Pipedrive

Some examples of automation

  • Deal Creations - Create deals from trial subscriptions

  • Deal Stage Changes - Change open deals to ‘Won’ when subscriptions are activated in Chargebee

  • Sync contacts in Pipedrive when a customer is created in Chargebee