Bring in subscription data from Chargebee into Stitch and extract deeper customer insights.

ETL Chargebee Data into Your Data Warehouse with Stitch

Chargebee +
Stitch Data

As you start hitting scale, you will soon realise that you are generating a multitude of customer data from a variety of sources. Obtaining a true 360 degree view of the customer can be hard indeed with data lying in silos across the enterprise. And this is where Stitch comes in.

Combine data from Chargebee with diverse data from tools like Marketo, MySQL, Google AdWords, Facebooks and many more with Stitch into data warehouses like Redshift, Snowflake or Google BigQuery. Get the full picture of your business and your customers by bringing together plan, invoice, orders and 500+ subscription data points into your preferred data warehouse to help you make decisions based on real data and not gut feel.

Bird’s eye view of the customer

Bring together data from your various systems of record to put together an authoritative source of truth that reflects every behavioural, transactional and informational aspect pertaining to the customer

Power up your reporting

As powerful as Chargebee’s reporting and analytics are, you will always need more. Combine data from various SaaS tools to get deep insights on your customers to enable you to take the best action with tools like Looker, PowerBI or Tableau

Ingest and Inject with Ease

Loading data into your warehouse can be time consuming - Let Stitch handle all of the hard work, so that you can be up and running and focus on insights, rather than data management