Launch Plan For Subscription Startups

Hello there,

So, you’re venturing into the subscription business?

Some beginnings are special, aren’t they? Winter’s first sunrise, the first few lines of code, the words of the first email that goes to your customers.

Some beginnings take their time, and rarely happen overnight.

If you are new to your category, it takes some time to test each element of your vision against reality, before things take off.

From Wright brothers’ first flight to SaaS applications, there are several examples of countless iterations in product, market and pricing before your vision takes flight.

One clear lesson that we’ve learned working with ambitious teams over the years, is that both focus and capital are scarce. Getting these right is critical for any startup.

With Chargebee’s Launch Plan, you get your first $50K in invoices for FREE. Yes. No catches. No lock-ins. Nothing. We just want to make managing subscription billing easier for you. It’s our way of removing one more obstacle from your path, so you can focus on growing your startup.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.

Krish Subramanian
Co- Founder & CEO


Test everything out. Then, well, let’s get flying!
Whenever you activate your live site, the free Launch plan will become your default plan.