Get Your First $50K In Revenue For Free.

Chargebee’s Launch Programme will help you turn your startup into an unstoppable rocketship. Get all the billing essentials you’ll need to launch and grow.

Launch Programme
Free upto $50K in revenue

Starting a business is challenging enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about billing and invoicing. Chargebee takes the pain out of billing, so you can focus on what matters the most: your startup.

Upto $50K in revenue.
Packed with essentials.
Invoicing and Subscription Management
Offline Invoicing
Calendar Billing
Admin console for subscription management
Customer portal
Credit Notes
Coupons and Discounts
Excess & Partial Payments and Unbilled Charges
Pricing Models
Payments and Checkout
Payment Pages - iFrame embedded, Hosted
Full API Checkout, Stripe.js and Chargebee Checkout
Chargebee.js & Tokenization
One click payment method update via secure URL
Transactional Error Monitoring across gateways
Alternative Payment Methods
GoCardless - SEPA, BACS, Autogiro
PayPal and Amazon
Account Summary Report
Tax Reports
Fraud Management
Stripe Radar
Dunning for Online and Offline Payments
Global Taxes
Sales Tax (US, EU VAT & Global Taxes)
Inclusive Tax Support
Tax Region
Exchange Rate
Multi-language support
Lifecycle Emails
Email Templates
Multiple Webhooks, API Filters, and JSON Metadata
Custom Fields - via UI & API
File Attachments
User role Management
Saved Filters
Special Assistance
Migration support
Billing Data Portability including Payment Methods
Communication & Collaboration Intergrations
Mailchimp, Slack and Intercom
Google Analytics & Pixel Tracking
Referral and Affiliate Marketing Integrations
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What happens when I hit $50K in revenue?

You will be auto-converted to $99 m/o (with a 0.5% overage fee if your revenue exceeds $25K a month), to continue in the Launch programme. We’ll also throw in 24*5 phone and chat support. Alternatively, you can choose to switch to any of Chargebee’s Paid Plans (Rise or above).

Weekly Demos & AMAs

Get a walkthrough of the essentials you need to configure, to start collecting payments from your customers. Stick around for the live AMA session, to get your questions answered by our Support team.

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Resources to get started

Kickstarting your billing journey with Chargebee is easy. All you need to do is get some basics right. These resources will help you understand how Chargebee works and how you can get started with your integration.

Getting Started with Subscription Billing and Management Chargebee Implementation Guide How Test & Live Sites Work Checklist To Go Live on Chargebee API Documentation API Tutorials