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Chargebee helps you solve all the complexities involved in recurring billing effortlessly.

Work with our robust set of APIs to build recurring genius, and remarkable experiences, right inside your app.

            creates a subscription with customer information and billing details.

        require 'chargebee'
        ChargeBee.configure(:site => "{site}",
        :api_key => "{site_api_key}")
        result = ChargeBee::Subscription.create({
        :plan_id => "no_trial",
        :auto_collection => "off",
        :billing_address => {
            :first_name => "John",
            :last_name => "Doe",
            :line1 => "PO Box 9999",
            :city => "Walnut",
            :state => "California",
            :zip => "91789",
            :country => "US"
        :customer => {
            :first_name => "John",
            :last_name => "Doe",
            :email => ""
        subscription = result.subscription
        customer = result.customer
        card = result.card
        invoice = result.invoice
        unbilled_charges = result.unbilled_charges
        # creates a subscription with customer information and billing details.
        curl  https://{site} \
            -u {site_api_key}:\
            -d plan_id="no_trial" \
            -d auto_collection="off" \
            -d customer[first_name]="John" \
            -d customer[last_name]="Doe" \
            -d customer[email]="" \
            -d billing_address[first_name]="John" \
            -d billing_address[last_name]="Doe" \
            -d billing_address[line1]="PO Box 9999" \
            -d billing_address[city]="Walnut" \
            -d billing_address[state]="California" \
            -d billing_address[zip]="91789" \
            -d billing_address[country]="US"                                                  
            creates a subscription with customer information and billing details.

        Result result = Subscription.create()
            .billingAddressLine1("PO Box 9999")
        Subscription subscription = result.subscription();
        Customer customer = result.customer();
        Card card = result.card();
        Invoice invoice = result.invoice();
        UnbilledCharge unbilledCharges = result.unbilledCharges();                                            
            creates a subscription with customer information and billing details.

        require 'ChargeBee.php';
        $result = ChargeBee_Subscription::create(array(
        "planId" => "no_trial",
        "autoCollection" => "off",
        "billingAddress" => array(
            "firstName" => "John",
            "lastName" => "Doe",
            "line1" => "PO Box 9999",
            "city" => "Walnut",
            "state" => "California",
            "zip" => "91789",
            "country" => "US"
        "customer" => array(
            "firstName" => "John",
            "lastName" => "Doe",
            "email" => ""
        $subscription = $result->subscription();
        $customer = $result->customer();
        $card = $result->card();
        $invoice = $result->invoice();
        $unbilledCharges = $result->unbilledCharges();                                                
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