Chargebee Payments - Fee Schedule
You will pay Chargebee the applicable Fees for Transactions facilitated through Chargebee Payments listed in the following table in accordance with the payment terms set forth in the Chargebee Payments Terms of Use.
Processing Fees
Per Transaction Processing Fee 2.9%
Per Credit Card Transaction Processed $0.30
Per ACH Transaction Processed $0.50
Per Dispute (including Chargebacks) $18.00
Other Fees
Per ACH Return Fee $3.00
Per ACH NOC Fee $3.00
Per Card Account Updater $0.25
PCI Non-Compliance Fee $45.00
Third-Party Fees Pass Through
Fraud Management Included
For purposes of the table above, the “Per Card Transaction Processed” Fee includes any Card authorization,reversal, and refund, “Per ACH Transaction” Fee includes any eCheck, ACH credit/debit, ACH return, and ACH refund.