Chargebee Billing Sub-processors
Last updated date: Apr 4, 2024

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Chargebee and its group companies use sub-processors to assist them in connection with the Services (as described in the Terms of service). These third party sub-processors include:
Sub-processor Subject Matter Purpose / Nature of processing Data centers
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Service Provider Cloud infrastructure provider for Chargebee, where all SaaS applications are hosted. Almost all data stored, processed and transmitted through Chargebee's product resides on Amazon Web Services data centers. US, EU and APAC
Twilio, Inc. (SendGrid, Inc.) SMTP Provider SMTP for sending emails to merchants and end customers. Mail servers are provided by SendGrid to deliver emails from the product. US
Mailgun Technologies, Inc. SMTP Provider SMTP for sending emails to merchants and end customers. Mail servers are provided by Mailgun to deliver emails from the product. US
Spreedly, Inc. Card vault and payment gateway For connecting to certain payment gateways and processing payments through those gateways; Cards will also be stored in Spreedly for transactions processed through those gateways. US
Workato, Inc. IPaaS solution provider Workato is an API Integration Platform as a service that has built a repository of APIs to integrate with various other SaaS providers. Using this Middleware, Chargebee can provide specific integrations to the third party services that are supported by Workato. US
MaxMind, Inc. IP Geolocation and Fraud prevention platform IP based geolocation for apple pay US
Intuition Machines, Inc. (hCaptcha) Fraud prevention platform hCaptcha is used as a fraud prevention tool in checkout, portal and components. US
Vercel Inc. Frontend Deployment Application Vercel supports the Atomic Pricing feature by deploying, hosting, and caching embedded pricing pages. Vercel processes the location and IP address of visitors to the embedded pages for the purpose of geolocation and setting the correct currency; and uses cookies to uniquely identify returning visitors. US
Group Sub-processors:
The following are group members of CHARGEBEE INC., these entities function as sub-processors as well with one or more entities providing support and maintenance.
S No Group Companies Location
2 CHARGEBEE B.V The Netherlands
For queries regarding sub-processors please reach out to