Automate revenue recovery and improve customer LTV

Losing customers always hurts, especially when it's involuntary. Deploy a payment recovery strategy to win back revenue from failed transactions while extending your customer lifetime value.

Optimize recovery rates and reduce involuntary churn

Discover payment failure reasons

and engage proactively with your customers to avoid losing revenue from people who are willing to pay. 

Identify high-risk defaulters

by categorizing customers into cohorts based on payment behavior and reasons for missed payments.

Tailor your collection process

and automate personalized email reminders to engage with customers at every payment process step.

Recover failed payments

promptly to prevent revenue loss, customer churn and maintain a healthy bottom line.


Leverage payment metrics to build an effective recovery plan

The first step in repairing leaks is determining where the gaps are. Get complete visibility into customer payments, including accounts that pay on time, failed transactions, exhausted retries, and accounts at risk of churn. Identify and closely track the common errors affecting customer payment experience and uncover churn reasons.


Improve customer engagement with personalization

Every customer is distinct, and so should your interaction with them. Chargebee Receivables offers pre-built cohorts to help you segment customers based on risk profiles, payment history, and failure reasons. You can build custom treatments with relevant follow journeys. This way, you can recover lost revenue while maintaining a positive customer experience.


Automate customer communication at scale

Don’t let follow-up emails control your work day. Design custom workflows to follow up with customers at every stage, from invoice reminders to payment recovery, and automate customer communications. Set rule-based engagements and let the platform work its magic while your team focuses on actual business challenges.

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