Everything a Subscription Business Needs to Turn Receivables into Revenue

Explore what Chargebee Receivables has to offer for your subscription business.
Streamline your receivables process, improve DSOs and manage a steady cash flow.

Unified AR view

Give your team real-time visibility into expected revenue and monies held in AR

AR Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your total outstanding, the amount stuck in promise-to-pay (PTP), open and pending
client disputes, and with a summary of your client engagement activities within Chargebee Receivable's comprehensive AR dashboard.

Role-Based Access

Set roles based on hierarchy, manage access permissions, and have complete control over how each member interacts with the product. Create custom roles to restrict users from accessing specific modules while ensuring access to the information they need.


Connect Chargebee Receivables to your existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems to create a connected tech stack that provides a single source of truth across your invoice-to-cash cycle.

AR Dashboard

Automate Customer

Improve your collections by 50% through intelligent automation.

Auto-Engagement Cycles

Build a collection journey that encourages customers
to pay on time. Define target segments based on
customer risk profiles or invoice values and set up contextual workflows to automate recurring payment reminders.

Rule-Based Engagement

Design a follow-up process based on the engagement insights to ensure that payments are collected without risking your customer experience. Define engagement rules to include or exclude customers from the engagement cycle based on their recent activities.

Email templates

Auto-engagement cycles

Engagement Metrics

Track reminder emails and closely follow how
customers engaged with the emails. Get stats like
open rate and link clicks, and know when an invoice status moved from overdue to paid.

Pre-built Email & SMS Templates

Choose from existing email/SMS templates, create
new ones, and customize them to reflect your
company branding. You can also build a template
library for your AR teams to repurpose when needed.


Chargebee Receivables an A/R platform that helps businesses intelligently automate their Receivables and Collections Process

Team Collaboration

Promote teamwork and improve customer

Collection CRM

Receivables offer clear visibility into your customer's payment details and data on the latest interactions in
a single view. This helps your team to forecast future payments for invoices quickly.

Promise-to-pay tracking

Collectors get a consolidated view of all the promise-
to-pay accounts that are assigned to them, along with their payment status. This way, collectors have real-
time visibility into overdue and open accounts.

AR Analytics

Collection CRM

AR Insights

Get a deep understanding of customers' DSO trends,
net overdue, and payment patterns to help collectors quickly identify high-risk defaulters and prioritize their collection efforts accordingly.

Track Team Performance

AR heads can closely monitor their team's collection performance and understand the total overdue at an account level and the open disputes under each collector.

Dispute Management

Resolve issues proactively to unlock the revenue
stuck in disputes.

Resolve Disputes

Track, manage, and involve the relevant stakeholders
to resolve client disputes with a quick turnaround time. Set reminders around critical issues to ensure timely follow-ups.

Manage Escalations

Stay informed of your team's open and pending issues and step in when something is needed. Escalate
pressing issues or the ones on priority to fast-track the follow-up process.

Manage Payment Failures

Ensure your receivables team gets a daily summary of the failed transactions and the payment details so they can take quick action against those invoices.

AR Reporting

Receive actionable insights to your inbox to stay
on top of your collections game.

Aging Report

Get a consolidated view of all the transactions for
every customer along with details of the unpaid
invoices, overdue amounts, and payment due dates.
You can customize these reports to include information based on your requirement.

Cash Flow Projection Report

Analyze and predict cash projections for different
periods based on the invoice due and Promise-to-pay.

Collection reports

Schedule and Subscribe to Reports

Stay on top of things by subscribing to AR reports. Decide who can access them and schedule notifications/emails to ensure the key stakeholders
stay informed. You can do all this, without any manual intervention. Simply set and forget.

AR Aging Reports

Collection Activity Reports

Assess your collection activities along with the AR
health of your subscription business. Measure user performance and customer engagement to get a quick summary of the disputes raised by customers.


Self-Serve Portal

Provide your customers a seamless payment
experience via the self-serve portal

Customer Portal

Build a transparent collection process by giving your
end customers visibility into their accounts payables.
The customer portal offers a consolidated view of their invoices and total outstanding, along with options to download their account statements. Customers can promise to pay against an invoice, acknowledge
invoices or raise disputes.

Payment Infrastructure Integration

Integrate with Chargebee Billing and Razorpay to offer your customers a seamless and hassle-free payment experience.

Customer portal

Build a Collections Strategy without Jeopardizing
your Customer Experience.

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