Accept Recurring Digital Wallet
Payments Instantly

Popular worldwide, digital wallets let you accept recurring payments globally within seconds and scale to new markets. Chargebee allows you to handle multiple digital wallet payments and manage subscriptions easily.
Quick checkout. Immediate payment processing.

Setup and Accept Wallet Payments

Give your customers a quicker and effortless way to make recurring payments via digital wallets. Reduce friction at your checkout when customers can make instant payments. Using digital wallets, B2C and early-stage B2B businesses can receive payments immediately.

  • Convenience

    Customers can pay instantly without the hassle of entering card information every time.

  • Quick Set-up

    Set-up digital wallets in your gateway and start accepting payments within minutes.

  • Secure Payments

    A more secure payment option than cash or card that gives both customers and merchants peace of mind.

    Chargebee's quick setup lets you process transactions within minutes.

Use multiple digital wallets and quickly setup and process transactions in minutes with Chargebee.
Apple Pay

Provide a frictionless checkout experience for recurring payments with Apple Pay on iOS devices. Collect one-click payments via Apple Pay on the web with Chargebee.

Amazon Pay

Allow customers to pay via Amazon Pay by logging into their Amazon account. Increase conversions with this as an additional payment option.

Google Pay

Accept both one-time and recurring payments using Google Pay. It provides an easy and frictionless checkout experience for customers, on all devices and browsers. All the interfaces of Chargebee Checkout—Hosted Pages, Customer Self-serve Portal, and Pay Now Links offer support for Google Pay.

PayPal Express Checkout

With PayPal as your gateway, accept recurring payments from customers via PayPal Express Checkout. You can also choose to accept payments via Braintree, without the need for a merchant account or reference transactions.

Handle recurring payments seamlessly with the platter of payment methods and gateways supported by Chargebee. Get started in one go.

An easier way to manage subscriptions and recurring payments

Supporting a wide variety of billing use cases, keep your growth on track and scale your subscription business faster with Chargebee.

Convert faster
  • Set up multiple payment methods gateways
  • Seamless PCI-compliant checkout
  • Flexible trial management
Engage better
  • Smart dunning for revenue recovery
  • Pause and re-start subscriptions
  • Single-click "Pay Now" option
Accelerate Growth
  • Support for 100+currencies and multi-language
  • Tax management: EU VAT, US Sales Tax and more
  • Revenue recognition and deferred revenue reports
Simplify Workflows
  • Connect your existing tool stack to align teams across sales, marketing, finance and more
  • Flexible APIs for easy integration
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