Scaling Your Payments and Billing Process: A Quick Guide to Streamlining Your Business

To build in-house or to buy? We break down considerations for both sides in this eBook.

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When it comes to growing your business, it’s important to bet on tech and processes that are built to scale.

Automating and optimizing your processes early on, especially with your revenue workflows, can give you a competitive edge and help you expand your business faster. The key here is to leverage extensible platforms that both support your needs today and can scale with your business.

Solving for critical workflows in-house may seem like the best option while starting out, but in the long run, they can end up holding you back by burning through your resources pretty quick as you continue to enhance and maintain them.

In our informative guide created in collaboration with GoCardless, you’ll be learning:

  • The cost of keeping your payments and billing process in-house
  • What resources are freed up by taking your payments and billing process to a provider
  • What to consider when assessing a payments and billing provider
  • How you can streamline your billing and payments with Chargebee and GoCardless