How do industry leaders evaluate a subscription management platform?

Wondering what makes or breaks a decision for businesses evaluating a Subscription Billing and Management platform?

Sneak Peek in the Report

A subscription management platform is a central hub for recurring billing, invoicing and accounting, payment processing, fraud management, and revenue reporting for a subscription business. These functions are critical cogs in its revenue operations wheel, and that's why evaluating a subscription management platform is often a C-level decision.

So what do businesses look for while making that decision? What goals do they prioritize? What is the list of absolutely must-have features?

We partnered with AlphaSights to ask these questions (and more) to industry leaders from organizations ranging from $25-$500M+ ARR.

Industry insights in this report include:

  • Top reasons for buying a recurring billing software
  • Key challenges that a subscription management platform will help overcome
  • A checklist for what you should expect in subscription management and billing platform