Subscribed to Success

Tapping the power of subscriptions to supercharge customer retention strategies and build lasting loyalty

What you'll learn from the Ebook


Discover the dynamic interplay between subscription and loyalty programs in our ebook. Explore how these approaches, often intertwined, offer significant value to both customers and brands. In an era of shifting consumer behaviours and rising costs, exchanging discounts and benefits becomes crucial.

Successful programs, exemplified by leading brands like Pret A Manger and Woolworths Australia, boost customer retention and lifetime value by tapping into psychological affiliations, providing tangible value, and enhancing customer engagement. Learn from real-world examples and uncover strategies to create high-adoption subscription programs, driving revenue and fostering enduring customer relationships.

In our informative guide created in collaboration with Eagle Eye, you’ll be learning:

  • The Psychology of Subscriptions
  • The Relationship Between Value and Loyalty
  • How Subscriptions Drive Customer Retention
  • Personalised Upselling, Cross-Selling, and Marketing to Subscribers
  • The Revenue Impact of Improved Customer Lifetime Value
  • The Role of Technology Partners in Your Subscription Success