State of Revenue Operations in SaaS - Forrester Report

The need for a RevOps function is becoming more and more apparent in the SaaS landscape. But are there any norms in this unmissable trend? We teamed up with Forrester to unearth the role of RevOps in the revenue growth of SaaS businesses.

Sneak peek into the report:

As a SaaS business, you are constantly on a hunt for the right levers that will maximize your revenue potential. Revenue Operations has morphed into a strategy that accelerates growth by fixing revenue leakage, providing seamless customer experience, and identifying new revenue opportunities.

How do you identify the right levers? What are the hurdles that you might face in this pursuit? And who spearheads these initiatives?

With neither a uniform definition nor a predetermined playbook, drawing out trends and picking up lessons from other SaaS businesses is difficult. So, we decided to commission the best brains at Forrester Consulting to study the state of RevOps of businesses across different growth stages and maturity levels.

Key takeaways:

  • How to drive sustainable growth in subscription-based organizations
  • Building a revenue management system: Lessons from high-growth businesses
  • Ways to overhaul revenue management processes