Automate GAAP Compliant Revenue Recognition

Comply with GAAP. Eliminate spreadsheets. Get timely and accurate revenue results.

Contracts Database

Centralize revenue data

Break free from unreliable spreadsheets and fragmented systems for revenue management. Consolidate your customer contract and sales data including contract changes into a single system to compute and record revenue in accordance with GAAP.


RevRec connects with your existing tech stack like CRM Billing systems, and other data sources to track and report all revenue transactions.

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ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance

Automate your revenue recognition workflows based on the five-step framework:

  • Identify Contracts
  • Identify Performance Obligations
  • Identify Transaction Price
  • Allocate Transaction Price to Obligations
  • Recognize Revenue

How to implement and automate ASC 606 revenue recognition

Revenue Rules

Standalone Selling Price (SSP) Library

Chargebee RevRec has a built-in engine that drives revenue allocation for bundled transactions. The SSP library integrates with your price book in order for you to assign SSP for every performance obligation, with the flexibility to handle different variations of SSP.

Transaction-based Workflow

Chargebee RevRec is a transaction-based revenue accounting system and provides either transaction or summary-level information t and journal entries for back-end ERP or accounting systems. With RevRec, you can automate:

  • Identification of distinct performance obligations
  • Determination of transaction price
  • Assignment of SSP to performance obligations
  • Re-allocation of revenue based on the relative selling price
  • Recognition of revenue based on satisfaction of performance obligations
  • Capitalization and amortization of direct contract costs
  • Generation of monthly journal entries and reports supporting revenue, deferred revenue, unbilled receivables, and direct contract costs

Revenue Recognition Rules

Chargebee RevRec automates revenue recognition according to the revenue recognition rules outlined in your accounting policy. It easily configures revenue rules for each product and service included in your revenue transactions.

revenue recognition-rules

Revenue subledger

Accounting Subledger

RevRec serves as a revenue subledger with detailed customer and contact records, customizable General Ledger (GL) mapping, direct journal entries posting, flexible close process, and monthly revenue reporting.

Journal Account Mapping

Connect your accounting system with RevRec to automatically generate journal entries when the transaction data is processed based on the GL accounts and mappings.

journal account mapping

Closing Accounting Period

Chargebee RevRec has in-built controls and checks to help you validate your data before closure. You can even schedule the automatic closure of your accounting period.

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closing accounting period

Revenue Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze trends, explain changes, and confidently plan for growth. From a standard set of accounting and control reports to the GL for revenue and expense recognition, view all revenue perspectives simultaneously -- Booking, Billing, and Revenue.

Direct Contract Cost Reporting

Track capitalization and amortization of direct contract costs for each accounting period. The report also captures future data based on the amortization plan.

Event Log

Closely monitor any change that happens to your RevRec site. The system captures all data-level activities of every user. You can also filter information by Data Type, Data Id, Event Type, User, or Event date when needed for an audit.

Revenue waterfall reports

Forecast the future revenue to be recognized over the remaining contract terms.

Revenue Roll-forward reports

Track the deferred revenue, unbilled receivables, and revenue waterfall by accounting period.

revenue roll forward reports

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