Escape the Excel nightmare with accurate revenue reporting.

Chargebee RevRec functions as a controlled revenue subledger with journal entry capabilities, expediting the accounting close and providing superior audit resilience compared to manual spreadsheets.

Plan your growth with confidence

Protect the financial valuation

and investor interest with accurate revenue recognition and reporting.

Unburden your finance team

by implementing an auditable and globally compliant GAAP revenue recognition process.

Expedite the accounting close

while withstanding audits with a controlled revenue sub-ledger.

Make informed decisions

with visibility into revenue recognition at every stage of the quote-to-cash cycle across all revenue streams.

Drive accuracy into your revenue reports

Making informed business decisions hinges on having access to accurate revenue data, and Chargebee RevRec delivers just that. RevRec offers a comprehensive dashboard that consolidates all the revenue metrics, including deferred revenue, bookings, revenue waterfall, and expenses for the accounting period. It calculates the translation adjustments in compliance with the ASC 606 standards, giving you visibility into key financial reporting metrics. 

Equip your finance team to handle your growth ambitions

Step into new markets without getting bogged down by compliance requirements. Get instant conversions of your transactions into a single reporting currency and easily maneuver exchange rates. Track the daily close foreign exchange rates and forex translation calculations, such as the specific forex rates used for each contract to translate revenue and calculate forex change impact.

Accelerate month-end closes and improve audit-readiness

Automatically generate journal entries for revenue recognition and close the accounting period on the RevRec site and post these journal entries into your accounting systems. RevRec offers control and validation reports to help you thoroughly check your data, resolve all errors, and feel comfortable closing your accounting period.

RevRec also offers reports to help you track every activity the system performs at every user level and lets you export reports to share with external auditors.

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