Softrax + Chargebee
Automate SaaS Revenue Recognition and Reporting


Chargebee + Softrax makes ASC 606-compliant Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue Reporting a total breeze for your accounting and finance teams.

Compliant revenue reporting in 5 steps

Configuring integrations shouldn’t take more time than preparing your books. The Chargebee-Softrax integration is simple. You can configure it in just 5 steps!

Billing. And Bookkeeping.

Automate the billing and accounting dialog

No more mundane data entry work for your finance team. Drive efficiency into your financial operations while maintaining hygiene in your accounting books.

Automated Revenue Management

Sync all subscription data including invoices, credit notes, plans, pricing, etc from Chargebee to Softrax and monitor all your performance obligations from within Softrax. Pick the revenue template that suits you best in your Softrax account and watch the revenue recognition magic happen automatically.


Accurate Revenue Allocation

With this integration, you can calculate and estimate Standalone Selling Price for all your products (SSP) and map to each performance obligation. You can define your revenue allocation rules for different products/services based on how you choose to bundle it.


ASC-606 & IFRS-15 Compliant Revenue Recognition

Subscription data flows seamlessly from Chargebee to Softrax to give you compliant and timely revenue reports. You can also generate different dimensions of your revenue recognition reports - by product, customer, account, region etc. depending on how your General Ledger accounts are configured.

Chargebee offers us a simple platform. We’re able to keep track of each client with and also our churn thanks to the integrations they provide. They provide easy, interpretable data on our business which is a great advantage! Chargebee is at the center of our business and we just can’t do without. Thanks for building a great product.