Oracle Netsuite + Chargebee
For Enterprise-grade Subscription Accounting


Improve your order-to-cash cycle, speed up cash flows, close books at scale, and make your financial operations more efficient. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to know more about this integration.

Seamlessly bridge subscription billing and accounting

Your Ops team can finally sleep (uninterrupted) this weekend because we simplified the integration part for you. Five steps is all it takes to configure the integration between Chargebee and Oracle Netsuite.

Billing. And Bookkeeping.

Set your billing-accounting dialog on auto-pilot

Set up an automated and efficient financial operations process, from the first sales call to the final quarterly report. Save the hours drained in manually updating data across books and speed up your order-to-cash process significantly.

Organized financial data.

The simplified Chart of Accounts mapping in the Chargebee + Oracle Netsuite integration lets you logically organize daily financial data the way you need. Map plans, addons, bank accounts, and everything else, including round-offs, bad debts, ad-hoc charges, discounts, and setup fees.

Organized financial data

Auto-sync for streamlined accounting.

Save precious hours by automatically syncing Customers, Multi-currency Invoices and Credit Notes, Payments and Refunds, Offline Payments with a bi-directional sync, and Geo-specific taxes. Trigger the creation of sales orders in NetSuite, based on either subscription creation or invoice generation in Chargebee. Sync invoices from Chargebee against sales orders in NetSuite, based on the status of the sales orders. With Chargebee and Oracle Netsuite, you can not only maintain data accuracy round the clock but also quicken the pace of your order-to-cash cycle.

Auto-sync for streamlined accounting

Automate accurate revenue reconciliation.

Manually matching payment gateway statements with multiple bank accounts is painful, error-prone and a huge drain on time. The Chargebee + Oracle Netsuite integration lets you automatically reconcile revenue with gateway statements from Stripe and Braintree.

Automate accurate revenue reconciliation

ASC 606/IFRS 15-compliant revenue reporting.

Automate revenue recognition and generate audit-ready revenue recognition and deferred revenue reports compliant with GAAP and ASC 606 in the US and IFRS-15 in Europe.

We have some customers who pay via Check and Wire transfer, and others who have a credit card on file. Before Chargebee, we were having to track those customers in two different systems [Billing and Accounting]. Chargebee made it easy to manage all in one place.