Sage Intacct + Chargebee

Streamline Your Subscription Finance
Drive efficiency into your financial operations with enterprise-grade accounting.

An integration that is effortless and sensible

Configuring integrations shouldn't take more time than preparing your books. The Chargebee-Intacct integration is simple. You can configure the integration in just 5 steps!

Billing. And Bookkeeping.

Automate the billing and accounting dialog

No more mundane data entry work for your finance team. Drive efficiency into your financial operations while maintaining hygiene in your accounting books.

Accurate mapping for organized bookkeeping

Bring order to the financial data flowing between your billing and accounting systems. Define clear relationships between journal entries and source transactions, by mapping customers in Chargebee to a specific entity in Intacct.

Auto-sync billing and accounting data

You no longer have to manually update invoice data in your accounting tools. Automatically sync invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, customers, and taxes with the Chargebee + Sage Intacct integration every 24 hours.

ASC-606/IFRS-15 compliant revenue reporting

Generate audit-ready and ASC 606-compliant and IFRS-15 revenue recognition and deferred revenue reports. With the Chargebee + Sage Intacct integration, you get to automate the entire RevRec process.