Pair your Salesforce CRM with Chargebee. Unlock faster deal closures

Take charge of your entire sales cycle by integrating Salesforce with Chargebee's subscription management software. Automate your sales to finance hand off.

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Top subscription businesses trust Chargebee to manage recurring billing and subscription revenue

Why using Chargebee with Salesforce can bring much-needed sophistication to your sales process?

Be in complete command of the Salesforce recurring billing process—from order to cash, without your sales team ever having to leave their favorite CRM.
Sell to different customer segments easily

Facilitate hybrid sales motions! Self-serve(or e-commerce) purchases can be facilitated through Chargebee’s hosted pages Sales-assisted purchases out of Salesforce can be pushed to Chargebee

Improve deal conversions

Leverage an array of pricing & discounting models, right from simple flat recurring fees, to usage based models, volume and tier discounts, and a variety of billing frequencies. You can also tailor contracts to improve your win rates

Speed up purchases through secure payment links

Make use of our secure payment links, hosted payment pages, a variety of payment integrations and online & offline payment methods to allow prospects to complete their purchase securely and quickly

Automate your Sales to Finance handoff

Standardize sales-assisted motions through advanced permissions and controls. Eliminate errors and manual efforts in converting closed opportunities into subscriptions and invoices

Here’s why Chargebee is the subscription management platform of choice if you're a Salesforce user

Sell to different customer segments easily

The Chargebee-Salesforce integration makes your life easier, irrespective of the sales model you're using. For a sales-driven model, create or update subscriptions directly from a Salesforce opportunity ease. For a self-serve model, allow Chargebee to sync customers, subscriptions, opportunities, invoices and more into Salesforce through flexible configurations. And for a hybrid sales model, use powerful matching logic that eliminates duplicate inbound leads in Chargebee and Salesforce.

Improve deal conversions

Chargebee supports a variety of pricing and discounting models suitable for different businesses and verticals: flat recurring fees, volume, tiered, consumption based and several more. Discounts can be limited to a specific duration or applied over the entire contract term. All of this, combined with the ability to bill at multiple frequencies allows your Sales teams all the flexibility needed for servicing complex contracts

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Speed up purchases free through secure payment links

Reduce friction in the sales process by including a secure checkout or payment link along with your quotes. Chargebee offers a variety of payment options through many different gateway integrations to support businesses across the world. Our Salesforce integration allows you to embed secure payment or checkout links that enable end customers to preview prices, input payment information and complete their purchase through our PCI compliant hosted payment pages. Chargebee also offers offline invoicing for cases where payment needs to be made through bank transfers or other means.

Eliminate manual handoffs from sales to finance

Standardize sales-assisted motions through advanced permissions and controls that will eliminate errors and manual efforts in converting closed opportunities to subscriptions and invoices. Salesforce admins or sales operations managers can choose what subscription and contract fields are editable or read-only for different sales personas. Admins can also determine default values for certain parameters and more.

Power Salesforce reports and dashboards with Chargebee data

Ensure that your revenue organization has the entire subscription context right inside Salesforce. Sync your subscription and billing data with sales - including plans, subscriptions, coupons, addons, complex pricing models, quotes and invoices. Empower your:

  • Marketing and Customer Success teams to segment and target appropriate customers for upsells and cross-sells
  • Revenue Operations to setup automations with other systems such as provisioning
  • Analytics teams to set up dashboards and custom and standard reports

Close the loop by syncing to finance systems

Sync your Subscription Management Engine & Accounting Software to unlock powerful, automated finance workflows for your business.

Coming soon: Chargebee’s integration with Salesforce CPQ for enterprise businesses
There is a spot-on sync between Salesforce, Chargebee, and Xero. The sales team follows customer and subscription information in Chargebee and Salesforce. Finance team looks into Chargebee, Salesforce and Xero for the forecast and pipeline. One of the main KPIs is the quality of data between these integrated systems.
Quentin Choserot, Operations manager, Coorpacademy

Automate your entire billing workflow at a great price

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