Manage Subscriptions with Contract
Terms for Predictable Revenue

Set, automate, and enforce contract terms from within your subscription management platform

Automate contractual obligations:

Revenue Operations

Negotiate Contract Terms by including minimum period thresholds and termination fees for early cancellations right at the point of sale.

Best Reviewed. Always!

Automate Contract Enforcement by auto-collections pre-defined termination charges when customers cancel before the minimum period.

24x7 Customer Support

Sync Subscriptions, Contracts, and Finance by recognizing revenue automatically from contractual obligations.


Reduce customer churn by ensuring customers stay long enough to set-up and realize ROI from your SaaS.

Drive Commitment and Improve Adoption


Customer adoption in B2B SaaS tends to be a bit more nuanced than catapulting birds onto pigsties or swiping right on a face. Their real value comes only when customers are as invested in making their investment show results as the business is. Contract terms let you establish mutual commitment with customers to engage and onboard with your service. Declare time-to-ROI even as you're closing a sale, and enforce your Mutual Action Plan so customers are invested to realize value.


For Predictable Revenue and a Better Cash Flow

Paying an annual fee upfront can be a major cashflow setback for many scaling companies. What if you could lock-in subscriptions and charge on a monthly/quarterly basis? This way annual contracts are a win-win for everyone. Your customers get maximum RoI, healthy cash-flow, and the best deal. And you get predictable recurring revenue.

Protect your Business Investments


Sometimes, high-value customers have very specific product feature requests. When you invest 6 months of time and resources building out capabilities for them, you shouldn't have to worry about the customer ghosting and churning away. With contract terms in a subscription, you can lock them in for any period of time and automatically charge them a termination fee when they want a premature cancellation.

Drive sophistication into your SaaS sales workflow
without complicating your sales process.

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