Enable gift subscriptions
and Boost your customer
acquisition with Chargebee

Wouldn't it be awesome if receiving a gift was a year round experience - not just something you unwrap on your birthday?
Let your customers and prospects go beyond one-time gifts and share the experience of your subscriptions with friends and family.
Make it really hard for the recipient to say no
Give the recipient a taste of the experience you reserve for customers. The gift-recipient does not have to be the intangible, out-of-reach persona anymore. Automate welcome emails, reminders, offer emails and convert them right from within Chargebee.
Set up a clean gifting workflow
Reduce the steps and make it nifty.
And everything else that matters for a good gifting experience - We've built out-of-the-box
The gifter can write a message, schedule it for that perfect occasion or send it out immediately.
Guest Checkout
Chargebee's checkout lets one-time gifters skip the hassle of new account creation and check out instantly.
One-step Gift Claim
Chargebee's gift subscription delivers the ability to 'claim the gift' right to the recipients' inboxes. No gift code. No extra steps to claim. No room for friction.
Do it Yourself Portal
Self-serve portals aren't just for customers. Let recipients enjoy the benefits too.
Other Chargebee features that will let your subscription eCommerce business leverage gift subscriptions to the fullest!
Discount & coupon system
Combined with gift subscriptions, the ways to run winning promotional campaigns are plenty. Seasonal discounts for gifters? Discounts to convert the recipient? Your creativity is your only limit.
More on coupon management →
Order Management System
Stay atop all operational inefficiencies. Imagine your billing system to be the one-stop source to manage orders, shipment status, and inventory. From 'Gifted' to 'Received' - Track it all.
More on order management →
Make gifting an enjoyable process. Set up gifting with Chargebee.
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