Centralized Billing Platform for All Your Business Entities

Manage subscription data and streamline operations for all your business entities under one roof while offering a localized experience to end users.

Global expansion made simpler and efficient

Automate subscription workflows

at org and entity levels, and share relevant data across entities easily.

Save time

spent managing multiple tools, data entry, site customization, workflow configuration, and report generation.

Provide seamless customer experience

by customizing payment methods, checkout experience, invoices, and credit notes at the entity level.

Scale effortlessly

without worrying about maintenance and non-compliance with taxation and local laws.


One platform for all your business entities

Multi-entity businesses often use multiple tools for different processes. Switching between these tools and databases makes everyday operations inefficient. Improve efficiency and get a consolidated view of your business health by managing subscription data and automating workflows for all your business entities in a single platform.

Customer Data Management

Hassle-free customer transfer across entities

Mergers and acquisitions can be complex, especially when unifying customer data and billing processes. Move customers and associated subscriptions across entities and bill them from the entity of your choice or the one that best aligns with your customers’ needs. Schedule transfers proactively for billing workflows to kick in from a target entity at a specific date or billing cycle.

Brand Style Management

Improve customer experience with localization

Don’t let bad customer experiences hinder your growth. Make your brands across geographies and individual products stand out with entity-specific branding. Customize invoices, email notifications, checkout, and self-serve portals with entity-specific logos, favicons, color themes, and more to retain the look and feel of each entity.

Workflow Management

Flexible master data management

Create workflows at the site level and apply them to all entities to avoid duplication of effort. While some rules are best suited across the board, fields like local tax ID and billing address are unique to an entity. Override the site-level configurations to make them entity-specific, and modify them at any time without affecting the workflows of other entities.


Configure invoices and tax profiles with ease

Create and maintain entity-specific tax profiles in the mode that’s most convenient for you—manually, by importing a CSV, or by integrating with tax providers like Avalara and Vertex. Customize invoices and credit notes to reflect the entity-specific address, tax registration number, and payment instructions to ensure compliance with regulations.


Transparency shouldn't come at the cost of privacy

Ensure strict access controls to keep data secure and comply with data protection laws. Chargebee’s Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) let you set up access controls and grant permissions based on a user’s role and entity. You can either give them access to all entities or only to specific ones and also define the actions they will be able to perform in each of them.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Waste no time exporting data to different tools and generating reports. Switch between customer and subscription insights at site and entity levels with a single click using the Global Switcher to get 360-degree visibility into subscriptions, invoices, plans, churn, collections, MRR, and so much more.

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