Automated Billing Software for Growing Businesses

Simplify complex payment scenarios with automated, easily configurable billing workflows. Chargebee is the smartest way to set up and manage recurring billing while you scale.

Automated recurring billing
that works 24/7

Automate everyday tasks like invoicing, payment collection and retrying payment failures to maximize your chances of getting paid. Chargebee optimizes your customer lifecycle and your billing workflows from order to billing logic to cash flow and reduces the manual effort involved, so you don’t have to worry about making or fixing expensive billing errors.

Fully automate your subscription billing

You need an automated billing system that’s intuitive to set up and use, and most importantly, one that grows with you. Chargebee provides a suite of automated billing features built for smooth operations, for companies of all sizes.

Everything you need
to automate your billing workflows

Chargebee’s robust, easy-to-use automated billing tools need little to no effort from your teams, leaving them free to focus on building great product and customer experiences.

Billing calculation Calculate charges for each bill with taxes, discounts, etc.

Plans, Add-ons & Proration

Automatically adjust bill charges to reflect billing plan, add-ons and mid-cycle plan changes.

Discounts & Coupons

Configure and manage special offers. Provide one-time and recurring coupons for your marketing campaigns based on fixed or percentage-based discounts.


Automate accurate, country-specific tax calculations with predefined tax rules. Chargebee supports EU VAT, US sales tax, Australian GST and more.

Invoicing Send accurate invoices that match your brand


Design your invoices with your own logo, brand colors, business address, notes and more.

Invoice Status

Chargebee records payment statuses like paid, unpaid, void invoice or write-off based on your decisions and your customer’s actions.

Invoice Operations

Once an invoice is sent, Chargebee lets you add credits, send a refund, write it off or regenerate the same invoice with updated information.

Accepting payments Enable payment processes like checkout and smart retries


Set up secure, PCI compliant, customizable checkout pages that are device-friendly

Pay Now

Add a ‘Pay Now’ button to your emails. Request instant payment for all unpaid invoices.


Recover revenue with smart retries to tackle declined payments. Chargebee’s customer data shows that 5.95% of total transactions fail on the first try. We automatically recover 1 in 4 of these failed transactions.

Accounting No more manually matching records in your books


Reconcile gateway transactions and bank statements with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks in seconds.


Check business performance week on week, month on month. Pull up reports like Revenue Recognition, A/R Aging and Tax Summaries with Chargebee’s inbuilt reporting system.

Lifecycle communication Keep your customers in the know with timely updates

Transactional Communication

Customer onboarding, subscription management, payment triggers and notifications. Connect with your customers through emails that inform, nudge and delight.


Choose subscription lifecycle event triggers for subscription activations, new charges, failed payments and more. Send sequences of emails based on your triggers.


Segment customers the way you like and send personalized, custom emails for each customer segment.

Custom SMTP server

Ensure DMARC policies don’t affect your email’s delivery to your customer’s inbox.

Complex billing has never been so easy. Automate recurring billing with Chargebee, and save hours and hours of time and effort that go into error-prone manual billing in your business.

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Why growing organizations choose Chargebee’s automated billing system over manual billing

1. Seamless billing

Automatically calculate billing charges with taxes, and action subscription management accurately and quickly as you scale.

2. Flexible billing models

Implement different billing models like flat-fee, freemium or per-seat and change them whenever you want. Make improvements to pricing strategy with grandfathering and product pricing plans with key revenue-related data.

3. Security and compliance

Store sensitive customer data securely, bring billing errors down to zero, and adhere to globally-accepted compliance and security standards.

4. Up-to-date accounts

Simpler accounting with accurate revenue recognition and quick integrations with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks.

5. Intelligent reports

Take stock of business health and risks with the right financial data and subscription metrics.