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Chargebee’s Billing System Software

From calculating billing charges, sending timely invoices to accepting recurring payments with minimal manual effort, Chargebee is the complete billing system software to streamline your entire billing process.

A Billing System that simplifies all complex billing tasks

When accepting recurring payments you need a billing system that is able to simplify and automate all the complex tasks involved in the process. Chargebee provides a suite of billing features built for smooth operations, for companies of all sizes.

Basic capabilities that a Billing System Software must provide include:

Billing calculations
Configure the rules to automatically calculate billing charges taking into account plans, add-ons, prorations, discounts, coupons, and taxes.
Customize invoices, check invoice status, and perform invoice operations like adding credits, refund etc. based on customer requests.
Checkout experience
Provide excellent customer checkout and post-payment experience with secure, PCI compliant checkout pages and payment recovery options.
Multiple Payment Options
Connect with your preferred payment gateway and give your customers payment options like credit card, direct debit and more.
Payment Reminders
Send payment reminders to customers when payment is due and also configure action to be taken when the customer fails to pay.
Accounting Integrations
Keep clean records with reconciliation by integrating with your favorite accounting software.

Chargebee’s robust billing system software automates all your billing tasks, leaving you and your teams to focus on building great products and customer experiences.

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Here’s how Chargebee makes handling complex billing scenarios easy for subscription business

  • Manage plan upgrades and downgrades as Chargebee calculates all prorated charges and bills your customers accordingly

  • Automate the entire process of invoicing and allows you to customize your invoice. You can also send email notifications informing customers about the transaction status.

  • With PCI compliant checkout pages, you can provide your customers a smooth checkout experience. The pages are designed to help you reduce abandoned carts & increase checkout conversion.

  • Choose from an extensive list of payment gateways and provide multiple payment options for a great payment experience.

  • Manage trials painlessly with one-click trial extension and trial-ending reminders.

  • Enable your subscription business to stay healthy with the help of subscription KPIs and intelligent dashboards.

As your business and customer base grows, so do your billing requirements, reporting needs, accounting practices, and customizations, and you need a billing software to handle these requirements at scale.

With Chargebee, you get more than just a billing system software - you get a partner who is invested in your growth.

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