Payment gateway integration options for startups in Spain

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Payment Gateway options in Spain

Update: We’ve come up with an interactive and comprehensive tool to compare and evaluate the payment gateway providers in Spain.

The Spanish start-up ecosystem is vibrant with many companies coming up every day. Some of the notable start-ups from Spain include BusuuaddFleetWauki.TVSmithfieldCase, among others. All online Spanish businesses face one major problem; how to accept credit card payments online.

Which are some of the payment gateways that work in Spain? Businesses in Spain face many challenges when it comes to accepting credit card payments online. With lack of local solutions and a banking system that is mostly traditional, start-ups have to rely on payment gateways that require no merchant accounts. Below are some of the payment gateway options that start-ups in Spain have:


Wirecard is a leading online payment solutions provider in central Europe and is great for Spanish companies. The gateway allows merchants to accept different methods of payments, is easy to integrate into websites, is stable and allows scalability. Merchants can accept credit card payments, mobile payments, bank transfer payments, prepaid cards, invoices, etc.

Fees: Wirecard fees vary depending on the type of payment used. Check the fees schedule for an overview of the charges.

Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments is poised to take over Europe with its flexible payment solutions. With the gateway, companies can accept credit card and mobile payments without the need for a merchant account. Braintree takes care of issues like PCI compliance, secure credit card data storage and also allows credit card portability

Fees: Braintree works with different local acquiring banks which charge varied fees. Contact the European team at 00.800.4005.4400 for pricing information.


WorldPay is a leading UK payment gateway that operates in most of the European countries. The company offers small and medium-sized businesses and corporation online payment and banking solutions. Check the features of the Business Gateway Plus package that includes an internet merchant account.

Fees: WorldPay fees vary depending on the types of business, risk, transactions processed and other factors. Contact the company for a quote.


CertoDirect is one of the startup-friendly payment gateways in Spain. The company allows merchants to accept all major credit cards, phone orders, and point of sale payments. The gateway has standard online payment features such as PCI compliance, transaction statements, merchant anti-fraud tools and email notifications. CertoDirect enables merchants to accept over 20 payment methods.

Fees: Merchants pay a setup fee of €49.90 and monthly fee of €9.90. Other fees are charged depending on the merchant’s risk and volume of transactions processed.


SagePay is a UK payment processor that also works in Spain. The gateway allows merchants to accept credit card payments and invoice payments without the need for a merchant account. SagePay is integrated with a shopping cart, allows one-time and recurring payments, is PCI compliant, enables POS sales, enables merchants to accept mail order and telephone order (MOTO) payments, among other features.

Fees: The fees charged depend on the payment method used by the customer. For example, processing MasterCard and Visa cards costs 1.99%. Check the fees schedule for more information.


Iridium offers a variety of merchant and payment processing services and works in Spain. To accept credit cards, businesses require a merchant account from HSBC, Barclays Merchant Services (BMS), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Streamline, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), among others. However, Iridium fees are slightly higher compared to that of other gateways.

Fees: The fees are £20.00 GBP pcm + VAT or £200.00 pa + VAT. The fee is waived for the first 350 transactions, and 10p per transaction is charged thereafter.

Other payment gateways that work in Span include 2Checkout, Skrill (MoneyBookers) and PayPal Express.

There are plenty of options available and you need to select the one which will suit your business needs. Check fees, merchant account agreement, support, and reputation of the company.

Which payment gateways do you recommend for Spain start-ups or businesses that wish to accept credit card payments? Share your thoughts below.

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