How Jiobit scaled and monetized its IoT Subscriptions using Chargebee

Jiobit married the best of hardware and software subscription management for their hardware-enabled SaaS

Spaghetti in IoT Subscriptions:

Traditional eCommerce solution providers weren’t enough

Jiobit realized that traditional eCommerce players like Shopify were not built for IoT subscriptions because their definitions of recurring revenue didn’t suit Jiobit.

An in-house solution meant heavier investments

A lot of development effort was required to build their own solution on top of Stripe, which meant less focus on the product or heavy investment in operations, either of which Jiobit didn’t prefer.

After Chargebee

Chargebee’s robust APIs and Checkout experience

Chargebee’s APIs seamlessly automated billing and shipping of hardware and software, and also enabled Jiobit to completely customize their checkout experience to match their product.

Better visibility with Chargebee’s Time Machine

Time Machine allowed Jiobit to test and visualize how their plans would evolve in the future and gave them visibility into many subscription scenarios.

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The Solution

The need for a full-fledged subscription management solution was conceptualized right at the onset of the product. The wireless and cloud services that Jiobit provides to their customers are the real value of their product and have a 100% attach rate.

Jiobit evaluated several options. Seeing that Shopify, Stripe, and other subscription management services in the market, managed either only the hardware subscriptions, or only the software subscriptions, but never both in conjunction, Jiobit found that their business model more represented a subscription model that Chargebee was going to market with and Chargebee fulfilled most of their needs.

The Impact

In Chargebee, Jiobit saw a deep subscription management solution that handles most of their use cases. They have scaled significantly in the past year, while seamlessly automating billing and shipping of the hardware and the service. Specifically, Jiobit benefited from the following, with Chargebee:

  • With the ability to customize Chargebee’s Checkout to make it their own, Jiobit was able to create the ideal checkout experience See how Chargebee delivers the best Checkout Experience

  • Build their own hooks in the product with Chargebee’s ‘super robust set of APIs’.

  • Accurate and flexible billing — charging their customers appropriately depending on when they sign up.

  • Greater flexibility in their plan management and being able to experiment with free trials and iterate with discounts

  • Support for multiple payment methods, including credit card payments, prepaid cards, and ACH.See how Chargebee offers Multiple Payment Methods

  • The ability to test with Chargebee’s Time Machine helped Jiobit see how their plans will evolve 6 months in the future and the different invoices and discounts that get generated for the plans

As we looked at a lot of competitors in the space, what we loved about Chargebee was there were some hooks-in for businesses like ours that had a physical product with a software component

John Renaldi, Founder & CEO, Jiobit

Tech Stack


Stripe, Chargebee

Sales & Marketing

Intercom, Twilio, Chargebee


Chargebee, Zapier





Chargebee’s developer kit that came along with it was just super robust in its documentation, and we felt that we could build what we needed to achieve with the tools that were provided to us by Chargebee. The features in Chargebee made life so much simpler
John RenaldiFounder & CEO, Jiobit