Leadinfo is a SaaS tool that helps businesses identify their website visitors in real-time

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Leadinfo scaled globally 3x faster with Chargebee

Leadinfo grew 200%, increasing ARPU by 25% and significantly improving NRR with Chargebee

Before Chargebee

Time-consuming billing operations

Error-prone in-house billing & invoicing

After Chargebee

3x faster growth rate

25% increase in ARPU

See how Chargebee is a trusted partner in 4500+ growth stories

A majority of SaaS businesses, especially those that are not heavily sales-driven rely on smart lead-gen tactics. It’s step zero in a long customer lifecycle from becoming a prospect to a happy recurring customer. But what are leads, if you can’t act on them contextually, by nurturing them meaningfully, and maximizing revenue?

That’s where Leadinfo comes into play. What makes Leadinfo special is that they cater to a much bigger audience, making it a very high-growth segment. Their customers range from Heineken, a popular Dutch beer brand, Lime Technologies, Creditsafe to Exact Software, and hundreds of marketing agencies that cater to mom and pop stores — thanks to the rapid digitalization of businesses, especially with a pandemic in the scene.

“If you are in your growth phase, if you are really pushing a lot of customers in the software, you want to have [billing] really optimized. And if you want to go international, you want to build [payment method and gateway] features as soon as possible. So if I were to advise somebody who's starting a company today, I’d say, try to bring in Chargebee from day one, because it will save you a lot of time, and it will really boost growth.”

Quirijn Kleppe, Head of Product & Growth, Leadinfo


Everything else worked like magic, except their billing operations. Prior to Chargebee, the team at Leadinfo would manually handle their subscription management and recurring billing. More specifically, they would

  1. Sign up each customer manually

  2. Send invoices manually by means of macros, spreadsheets, and PDFs

  3. Struggle with international expansion due to limited pricing experiments

  4. Spend a lot of support bandwidth on handling nitty-gritty such as pricing changes, trial management, payment follow-ups, answering customer queries around billing and invoicing, etc. 

What followed was a lot of data errors, limitations in faster growth, and a series of operational nightmares. 


The team at Leadinfo immediately identified the need to fast track their growth by automating the mundane — this automation included the signup process, invoicing and payments collections, and localization to aid faster global footprints. 

  1. With Chargebee’s robust APIs, Leadinfo is able to integrate its software to give customers a uniform experience and a single seamless flow. 

  2. The team at Leadinfo also iterates on pricing frequently with Chargebee’s flexible pricing and product catalog. These changes help them optimize their pricing and stay informed on customer cohorts that are performing best through Chargebee’s Subscription Analytics platform – RevenueStory.

  3. They are also integrating with PayPal along with credit card payments through Stripe, and are offering localized pricing to facilitate wider streams of revenue globally. 

Simply put, they have separated the billing from their actual application as their code base becomes more and more complex, to avoid messy fixes. This abstraction has helped them scale and grow their footprints internationally. 


With Chargebee handling their entire subscription management and billing operations, the team is now able to focus on more important metrics such as improving customer experience and growing their net retention rate, growing their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by offering addons, along with identifying newer ways to serve a global customer base. The automation has helped them grow 3x from their previous growth rate.

Post-Chargebee, they have grown 200% with hundreds of new SMB and enterprise customers signing up per month. They improved their ARPU by 25% during this period as they moved upmarket. The team is constantly finding new ways to grow as they continue to discover more capabilities from Chargebee to facilitate that growth. 



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South Holland, Netherlands

What I really like [about Chargebee] is the ease of changing prices. Having hardcoded the pricing, it was a nightmare to deep dive into the code and change the prices, wait for another release, only to repeat the process a week later, again. Chargebee's usability of the portal really helps, because we can easily change the pricing in Chargebee, and immediately see the results. It's a very intuitive process to re-test the pricing as well.
Han Kleppe Founder, Leadinfo