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Avalara  is a cloud-based SaaS solution for taxation and compliance requirements. With Chargebee's Avalara integration, you can handle taxation with ease, eliminating the need to manually configure tax for each of your taxable region or nexus.

Avalara automates accurate rate determination, address validation, tax filing, and reporting, while complying to jurisdiction rules. Apart from these, Avalara also handles tax rate updates, so you won't have to manually update the tax rates each time they change. All you need to do is integrate your Avalara account with your Chargebee site and take care of the few prerequisites explained.

You can sign up for an Avalara account here.


If you're a user from a country other than US or Canada, contact Chargebee Support  to enable this integration.

Chargebee supports seamless integration with:

  • AvaTax for Sales: calculates sales tax efficiently and facilitate sales tax compliance requirements delivered on-demand.
  • AvaTax for Communications: for communication service providers offering VoIP, IoT or Streaming services, transferring voice or data through wireless, cellular, cable, satellite or any other consumer or business methodologies. The AvaTax for Communications integration is just for you.
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