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Google Analytics 

Google Analytics (GA) lets you track metrics like conversions, traffic source, exit percentage, etc., for your website. It also gives you key insights on usage metrics.
With Chargebee, you can make use of Google Analytics to gauge the usage of Checkout pages, Self-serve portal and Thank you pages.

In-app Checkout & Portal 

Chargebee's integration with Google Analytics will help you with event tracking as Checkout and Self-serve portal loads inside your app. Learn more.

Using Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
If you're using Google Tag Manager, we have a separate integration with it. Use that instead, and never both.

Single Page Checkout & Portal 

Chargebee integrates with Google Analytics. You can track page views, visitor traffic etc., on Chargebee's Single Page Checkout & Portal. Learn more.


There is no built-in support for Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Single Page Checkout/Portal in Chargebee.

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