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Salesforce is a CRM software that allows you and your team to keep track of the leads generated, deals closed, and new customers acquired by your business. is a platform that facilitates the integration of other add-on applications with the primary application.


Chargebee is supported on the enterprise edition of Salesforce only

What does the 'Chargebee for Salesforce' app do?

The Chargebee for Salesforce app establishes a connection between Salesforce and Chargebee, in such a way that all your Chargebee data (Plans, Addons, Invoices, Transactions, etc.) will automatically be synced with Salesforce, and vice versa. You'll also be able create and modify your Chargebee subscriptions directly in Salesforce, which will automatically get synced with your Chargebee account.


Before getting started, you need to have the following:

Setting up Chargebee for Salesforce 

Integrating Chargebee with Salesforce involves 3 steps. The setup process is explained in detail here.

Once you've set up the Chargebee for Salesforce app, and have synced all the data between Chargebee and Salesforce, you'll be able to create/update subscriptions directly in Salesforce. You can also view your plans, addons, coupons, and subscriptions in your Salesforce account.

Data synced from Chargebee 

Your Chargebee Subscriptions will be synced under the Subscriptions tab, while the Plans and Addons will appear under the Products tab in your Salesforce account. You can also view your Chargebee invoices, transactions, and coupons under the Invoices, Transactions, and Coupons tabs respectively, in your Salesforce account.

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Creating Subscriptions 

There are three ways to create a new subscription:

1. Using the Opportunity tab

  • In the Opportunity tab, open an Opportunity, go to Edit Layout, and add the Create Subscription button.

  • Now you'll find the button right next to the Opportunity Detail heading. You can create a new subscription for the Opportunity by clicking this button and filling out the necessary fields.

2. Using Payment Form Link

  • Create a new Opportunity, by clicking New in the Opportunity tab, filling up the necessary details and finally clicking Save.
  • Once you've saved the Opportunity, open the Opportunity Detail page, and perform the following actions:
    • Add one or more Products
    • Add a Contact under Contact Roles and set it as Primary
    • Click Send Payment Link
  • Upon clicking Send Payment Link, an email with the payment link will be sent to the Contact Role's email address. This email will also be copied to the Opportunity Owner, and a corresponding activity will be logged under Activity History as well.
  • The link will take the Contact Role to the Payment Form Page, where they can enter the card details (if missing) and click Subscribe.
  • Once subscribed, the Stage in the respective Opportunity Detail page will be changed to Closed Won. Corresponding records would also be created in the Subscriptions, Invoices, and Invoice Transactions pages.

3. Using Salesforce Site

  • Your subscriptions will be listed under the Subscriptions tab on the homepage of your Salesforce account. Click New to create a new subscription.
  • Enter the corresponding details and click Check Out.

If you're creating a subscription for an existing Opportunity, then you have to add the corresponding plan as a Product for the specific Opportunity (you can find the Products section in the Opportunity Detail page), before you create the subscription.

  • If you haven't selected a contact in the previous step, you'll be prompted to create a new contact and enter the credit card details. Also, if you have turned ON the Billing / Card Address Requirements in the Chargebee Setup page, then you'll be required to type in the address details as well.
  • Once the details have been entered, click Subscribe to create the subscription.

Updating Subscriptions 

1. Via Subscription Tab

  • You can find the option to update an existing subscription's credit card details and other information in the corresponding Subscription Details page.

2. Via Opportunity Tab

  • Click on the Opportunity in which the subscription needs to be updated and go to the Products section.

You can make the following changes:

  • To increase the quantity of an existing product, open the particular product, click Edit, enter the new quantity, and click Save.
  • To add a new product to the list, click Add Product in the Products section, and tick the new product from the list and click Select. Add the required quantity for the plan and click Save.

Only those products listed in the Price Books will be available to be added to an opportunity. To add more products, open the Price Books tab, click the corresponding Price Book, click Add. Select the specific from the list, and click Add to Price Book.

3. Via Payment Form Link

a) Open the Opportunity corresponding to the Subscription.
b) Change the product quantity as per requirements, and click Send Payment Link.
c) An email will be sent to the Contact Role with the Payment Form Link, which will also be copied to the Opportunity Owner. The Activity Log will also get updated accordingly.
d) Fill up the necessary information in the Payment Form Page, and click Subscribe. The Subscription will then get updated.


As mentioned earlier, you can create/update subscriptions directly in Salesforce, but cannot edit the values of your Chargebee data relating to Invoices, Transactions, and Coupons in your Salesforce account. For the Products tab, however, you can edit the layout, and can add additional Chargebee fields (the value of the fields cannot be modified).