We all want to build that wonderful product, that customers love and pay for. But charging them is a whole different game. You probably have a list of straightforward feature requirements that you look for in your billing and they probably tell you that's all you need. But hold on to that thought, here's what they don't tell you.

A superior billing experience

For subscription businesses, the relationship with your customers goes beyond just charging their cards every month. It's important to listen to their ever evolving needs and accommodating them into your product. It could be the flexibility of offering payment options, allowing them to manage their subscriptions, extending their trials or more.

Chargebee's Suite of features
Subscription Management

View all your subscriptions & customer information in one place, with the complete timeline.

Payment Options

Don't limit the choice of payment methods you offer, limit your possibilities. Spoil your customers with choices.

Customer Portal

Let your customers manage their own subscriptions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible Trial Management

Set up trials that suit your business and experiment until you find what's best for you.

Experiments with pricing

Great products fail, because of the wrong pricing strategy. And the only way to know the right pricing is by iterating. But without affecting your existing customers.

And as your product's value matures, so should your pricing. Should it be value based, should it based on the volume or should it have tiers?

The possibilities are endless

Archiving plans

Various Pricing Models

Grandfather-in old prices

Modular plans and add-ons

What about the billing nuances?

It's never just a recurring charge. Handling global taxes, staying compliant with all the ever changing tax rules, sending out clear and crisp tax invoices. For a fast-growing global business, with eyes fixed on growth, billing is almost always never a week's work. The nitty gritties of it, can give you sleepless nights. But fret no more.

Goodbye complexity

Tax invoices

Credit Notes

Advance invoices

Devil's in the data

You're used to looking at numbers, a lot of them. Hunting numbers from different sources, poring over spreadsheets and probably crunching them all to extract value too. But do what you do best, make better decisions.

Don't miss anything

Key SaaS Metrics

Advanced Metric Reports

Easy CSV exports

Stay in the loop

It's the information era and products that don't connect, don't work. For a seamless functioning, it's important that your product communicates with other products that your Sales, Support, Finance and Marketing teams use.

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With Chargebee, subscription billing and accounting are effortless, efficient, and everything in between.
As a small engineering team, it was quite important that we focused on the scope of our business. Switching to Chargebee has helped us streamline our development resources. We're now able to experiment better and iterate much faster.
Justin Louie
CTO, GuavaPass