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Integrate HubSpot With Chargebee To Enable Seamless Quote-to-Cash Workflow

Chargebee +

Chargebee’s HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration enables the sales teams to create subscriptions in Chargebee straight from their CRM without having to break context. Subscriptions can be created from the line items within a deal and you can also set up automation to send Payment Links to the customers all without having to log into Chargebee.

With all relevant information for sales teams within HubSpot CRM accurately synced from your Chargebee’s product catalog, you can blaze through closing deals with seamless collaboration between teams.

Add Subscription Items Directly from HubSpot

Sync Chargebee’s Product Catalogue including plans, add-ons, and charges with HubSpot’s Product Library. This helps in creating and sending customized quotes from line items within a deal. You can use HubSpot's Quote Software or other integrated tools like PandaDoc.

Automatically Create Subscriptions and Checkout Links

Set up workflow automation to create a Subscription when a deal is marked as won or when a quote is accepted. You can also let customers pay online by sending checkout links straight from HubSpot. It also enables customers to choose a payment method in a secure way using Chargebee’s hosted payment pages.

Bring Subscription Lifecycle Visibility Within HubSpot

Chargebee complements your HubSpot integration with capabilities to handle complex pricing and contract terms, discounting options, and other features that are not natively supported by HubSpot. The best part is that you get instant error logs and support for resolving plan-level differences while creating subscriptions. Pair the best two tools of your revenue tech stack and close deals faster than ever before.