Chargebee integrates with HubSpot to leverage subscriber data for Marketing, Sales and Support teams

Give teams contextual information with the Chargebee - HubSpot integration

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Your subscriptions can be a treasure trove to your marketing, sales and support teams. For marketers, your billing data can be a source of revenue with the right segmentation and messaging. For sales, seamlessly furthering deals via a single interface is crucial to save time, operate efficiently and hence, close more deals. For support, it’s all about delivering customer happiness. Context is a key factor in helping teams succeed in their objectives.

Connect Chargebee to HubSpot and give marketing, sales and support teams a leg up in managing recurring billing & subscription customers. With 50+ subscription data points like plan information, renewal dates, billing dates, due invoices and metrics now readily available, teams get a complete view of the subscription truth of the customer.

The integration between Chargebee and HubSpot brings the front office to the center, with accurate, timely and contextual subscriber information that helps teams take the next best action.

Ready for Marketing Teams: More Signal, Less Noise

Arm your marketing with subscription data so they are able to segment customers better and communicate the right message to the right persona. Run campaigns for trial upgrades, upsell and cross-sell with ease. Power HubSpot with a wealth of information from Chargebee so you can run campaigns for different stages of your marketing funnel.

Perfect for Sales Teams: Sell better and faster

Help your sales team focus on closing deals instead of switching tabs. With subscription data firmly in HubSpot, teams now have visibility of where each subscription is on the deal pipeline, so they can follow up effectively. The best part? Sales reps can create subscriptions right from within HubSpot with the click of a button, instead of dipping their fingers into the billing system.

When a deal has to be closed, make it easy for your prospects and customers to make payments—facilitate your sales team to send subscription checkout links out of HubSpot deals. Customers can not only preview the subscription details but also enter payment information and complete the purchase by themselves. This feature is in closed beta and available on an invite-only basis. If it sounds interesting, reach out to us at [email protected] to register your interest.

Built for Support Teams: Deliver contextual customer service

When you have an irate customer, the last thing you want to do is ask them for their plan details. Equip your support team with all the data they will need to turn angry tickets into happy reviews.

Chargebee’s subscription data helps support teams flag high value customers, send renewal notices, or even chase an overdue invoice with a contextual reminder. Empower your support team to deliver contextual customer service, so they can worry less about tickets and more about delighting customers.