Intercom is a messaging platform that helps businesses connect with consumers.

Pilot Context-driven Customer Conversations with Chargebee and Intercom Inbox

Chargebee +
Intercom Inbox

Intercom empowers businesses to have contextual conversations with customers by tracking product usage and customer activity. And with this integration - you can now fully harness the power of customer data and information across different products, and expand the possibilities by bringing them together in one place.

The latest integration of Chargebee with the Intercom Inbox app lets you hit the pedal on responding to customers, increasing conversion rates, and improving your teams' performance by taking instant subscription actions within a single tab.

Seamless Subscription Actions

Trigger Actions for Subscriptions Right from Your Inbox

Getting data to capture and convert would-be customers on numerous tools can slow things down. Give every conversation more context with all the details you need from your tech stack right from your Inbox.

Perform key Chargebee actions for customers from within the Intercom Inbox app. Using the Collect Payments action, you can share a link with the customer and get paid without any hassle.

If a customer's payment method is missing or has expired, you can also get the details updated right within your chat window.

Faster Lead Engagement

Get All the Necessary Subscription Data in One Place

Why keep your customers and leads waiting while you hunt for information to take action? With the Chargebee for Intercom Inbox app, bring in more operational efficiency so sales hits the targets easily without having to search for subscription and invoice details in multiple tabs.

Customize your Inbox with the tools you need and get more work done in less time. Remove the grunt work of gathering data to keep the conversation going.

Personalized Support

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience with Real-time Support

A lot of relationships have ended abruptly thanks to awkward silences. You don’t want a conversation to end with a soon-to-be customer because you took too long to tailor a solution for them.

Remove friction from customer conversations by personalizing your Inbox, and experience the power of quicker turnaround time and an added dash of personal touch to conversations.

Add the right context to any conversation and support customers at every stage of the funnel with the Chargebee for Inbox app.